Gmail Archive or mute Gmail messages

Gmail Archive G drive
Gmail Archive G drive
This is where it start Gmail Archive or mute Gmail archive messages

Gmail Archive or mute Gmail messages

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Archive = Clean up as well as put in storage
Delete = Remove Permanently

I prefer Archiving the most, as you can search for them later.

When you are positive you would not need a message, use the Delete button to send it to Trash. Already Delete messages, as well as conversations, permanently remove from Gmail Archive 30 days after you send them to Trash

It is something everyone does. Well, it is something that some people do right? I mean, have you ever actually archived an email? In the end, I guess it depends on your preferred method of email management. Some people stick rigidly to the whole Inbox Zero concept, while others are happy to let those unread emails pile up.

5 Reasons Why Archiving Your Emails is Crucial:-

1. You will Have a Cleaner Inbox That is Easier to Manage

2. You will Never Lose Important Data

3. You Can Quickly Access Important Data

4. It Helps Your Business Remain Compliant

5. It Protects Your Business from Potential Litigation

How to find archived emails in gmail

If a message has been archived in Gmail, then you can find it by opening the All Mail label

In your web browser, open Gmail.

On the left side of the page, hover your mouse over the label list.

At the bottom of the list, click More. You may need to scroll down to see it.

Click All Mail.

Once you have located your messages in the All Mail folder, you can select those messages as well as move them to the Inbox folder.

Outlook Archive

Microsoft Outlook saves emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, etc. in PST file format. as well as this Outlook data file (.pst) is stored in the local disk. The default storage location of this PST file may vary according to the MS Office version as well as Windows OS used in the user system.

So arching Outlook PST files or Outlook emails is an easy process. One can store those PST files in local disk safely for future use. Because there are chances for accident deletion or other issues like hardware failure, virus attacks, software issues, etc. that may result in PST file damage.

It is clear that Microsoft Outlook PST files are prone to corruption as well as damaged. So archiving Outlook PST files in a regular interval of time is best to save your precious data safely.

What to do when Outlook PST files are corrupted? Microsoft provides an inbuilt utility to repair corrupted PST files. It scans as well as repairs PST files one at a time. But it can only repair minor corruption. Or it cannot recover permanently deleted emails in Outlook account.

In such cases, one should go for third party software like SysTools Outlook Recovery to fix severely corrupted Outlook PST data files without any data loss. So archiving or taking backup of Outlook emails is having great importance as well as it is appreciated to save your previous Outlook data safely before it gets damaged.

Where does archived gmail go

When you archive a message in Gmail archive, it is taken out of your inbox, but stays everywhere else that it’s before.

For example, if you had given the message one or more labels, you can still find it by looking in those labels.

You can still find the message by using Search.

You can still find it in ‘All Mail’

It just won’t be in the Inbox any more.

It may be a bit confusing if you think of it like a piece of paper that is in one folder at a time as well as can be ‘moved’ or can ‘go’ somewhere; the message just exists once but you can see it in various ways, which might look as if it’s in multiple places at once (e.g. seeing it when looking at either of two labels might make it seem as if it’s in two ‘folders’ at once).

What is archive in gmail

This is just for the optics: it helps you to keep your inbox clean. by archiving emails you simply hide them from the view you see when you log in. Particularly I archive everything that I answered or that is not relevant anymore so I see only all undone emails when I log in to my Gmail. this helps you to implement an inbox zero approach.

This is where it end Gmail Archive or mute Gmail messages