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What would you improve in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt?

For many reasons, some objective others personal, The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt holds a special place in my heart. I envy the people who have never played it – for the chance they have of experiencing it for the very first time. If you were to play a single video game in your life, The Witcher III is the one.

The Polish developers got everything right: the absorbing story; the involving characters; the polished gameplay; the gorgeous environments; the open world that comes alive all around you. As a player you get to inhabit these realms, walk in the boots, don the twin swords of Geralt of Rivia and partake in his adventures, taking him from the courts of kings to the wilderness of monsters.

Having said that, there is no masterpiece without imperfections. For me it was three minor things: one, the inventory, which refused to keep the items where I placed them and kept rearranging them according to some impenetrable algorithm that would not even place the same items next to one another.

This also ties in with getting stuck with certain quest items (such as the werewolf’s meat), as well as items that may or may not be able to use (such as the Starry Night painting I was able to hang in my house in my first playthrough, when the librarian was perfectly happy to accept another Van Rogh painting to complete his quest, but not in my second one).

Two, some dog ugly clothes and armor. Do not get me wrong, the game also offers impressive looking armor as well. The breastplate you start with is the best looking one, but you have to abandon it early on as you level up.

Yes, the Viper set looks similar enough, whereas the heavy Skelige Undvik armor set is also gorgeous – but they too have to be replaced beyond the midpoint. My personal endgame favorites were the top-level Wolven and the Tesna Muta armor sets. However, everything else, it looks like a cross between a court jester and a circus clown.

Finally, I would improve on the ability to restart quests in order to finish all steps involved in them. My OCD was flaring up every time I failed to eavesdrop information out of gossiping village women or did not happen to report back to the old ghost before completing the quest, and was left with that red mark in my quest log.

Nevertheless, these are but minor annoyances. I have been a gamer for over 20 years and The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt proved to be the very best game I ever experienced. And I do not expect any other game to surpass it anytime soon.