Video Games

Why do people love The Last of Us so much?

If you liked Arya Stark from the Game of Thrones then I am pretty sure that you would love 14 year old Ellie and that would just be one reason! But let’s come back to it a little later.

I don’t like post-apocalyptic movies. That translates to such games as well.

I don’t like zombie movies. That translates to such games as well.

I didn’t have much of a choice when I bought PS 4 which came with ‘The Last of Us’ bundle. I was like – let me see how worse could it be.

And I played the game for about 20 minutes and was simply captivated. Today, after completing the game in the hard mode, I just absolutely have to pen down what was it about this game that took so many hours out of my life in the past few weeks.

1. The intense story line

I love RPG games and there are some games which just enchant you with their story and The Last of Us is one such game. As you start playing and the story unfolds, it makes you curious to know what is going to happen next. And that keeps you engaged. Through out.

2. The complex yet lovable characters and how they deal with each other

The lead characters are extremely well written. Joel is rugged, tough, and hardened by what has happened in the past. Ellie is young, charming, and extremely brave for her age considering the circumstances she has grown up in before the game begins.

And when the two meet and embark upon a journey – the way a relationship progresses between them makes the game extremely interesting.

3. The chilling Clickers !

This game needs to be played with headphones and when you do, the distinct sound made by the clickers can literally send chills down your spine. Even though I wouldn’t really consider this game to be in the horror genre but the clicker (that is how the zombies are referred in the game) sounds can ruffle a feather or two.

And just like the name, the clickers made sounds similar to what you would hear when you rotate a knob of an electronic instrument.

4. You can play the game in a way that you want to

Even though the game is very much linear in terms of what you could do but you can cross chapters by either just shooting through or adapting the stealth approach. Consider this, say you decide to take an enemy from behind and that itself gives you three further options. You can either kill him silently or smash his head (which might attract other nearby enemies) or use him as a hostage to pacify the situation.

And when you get that flexibility, your mood on the day determines the way you want to play 🙂

5. The visuals

I haven’t played too many PS 4 games but the remastered edition is pretty stunning. The level of detail is just wonderful and I did spend a lot of hours just roaming around and admiring the visuals.

In essence, this is going to be on my own all-time favorite list along with – Counter-Strike, Mafia, Call of Duty and Age of Empires 🙂