What was your favorite God of war game of all four installments?

What was your favorite God of war game of all four installments?

There are Seven of total

In Terms of game play it might actually be god of war ascension

oh sure the story may easily be the worst but the gameplay elements and graphics are the best (say for the new one)

the graphics surpass god of war 3 and are pretty damn good for a ps3 game

but the gameplay is really where it shines, you can pick up enemy weapons, swords shields, gavilins, slings, and maces, and if you can’t find any Kratos can even pummel them with his bare hands you can still grapple and throw enemies around, rip them in half, and all the good stuff from gow 3 as well.

magic is elemental based in this game lightning of zeus, flames of ares, ice of poseidon, souls of hades, and each one has its own magic attack and rage attack, all have their own unique fighting style and look.

climbing, balancing, moving across ledges, and button prompts have all been improved and kratos feel more agile than ever (and he kind of should be since this is the earliest game in the story) you can also chose individual chapters from the game to play at any time, the menu’s are better than ever.

and to top it all off…Multiplayer!

you get to choose a god to aline with (one of the former mentioned) and you’ll get a specific sets of weapons, armours, relics and magics for combat in a bloody arena where you and another group of online champions fight to the death again and again and again,

You’ve got tones of customisation options, and you’ll unlock more and more as you level up and make progress, as far as online games go, that’s nothing quite like finishing an opponent players like this

anyway, that’s the one i think is best in terms of game play

in terms of actual story, id say god of war 3 since by the end if it kratos has something of any epithony as to wear to the madness and bloodshed has brought him