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grantchester pubs 2020 Feb

grantchester pubs 2020 Feb grantchester pubs 2020 Feb

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10 Jan. 2020 Episode #5.1

When a student from a prestigious all female college is found dead, Will and Geordie must infiltrate the murky world of campus politics and university societies. Sky tv description

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17 Jan. 2020 Episode #5.2

Will and Leonard witness a deadly and deliberate hit-and-run in Grantchester. Geordie traces the car to a pair of decidedly dysfunctional brothers caught in a web of lies.

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24 Jan. 2020 Episode #5.3

Will asks Ellie out to the cinema. There has been a brutal murder in the projection booth. The Chapmans get a brick through their window, and Keating discovers that the same man has been sleeping in the cinema. What is the connection?

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31 Jan. 2020 Episode #5.4

A naked student runs through town yelling “The aliens are coming”. Keating is going to arrest him, but Will convinces him it’s a bit of high spirits. He is found dead in a field the next day.

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