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death in paradise season 8 amazon prime 2020

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9 Jan. 2020 Episode 9.1

New Year’s Eve celebrations are cut short when a masked man stabs a woman in her own home. Jack and the team must uncover the identity of the murderer before they can strike again.

death in paradise season 8 amazon prime

16 Jan. 2020 Episode 9.2

DI Jack Mooney and the Honoré police department are tested when they investigate the poisoning of a celebrated artist in her studio in puzzling circumstances.

death in paradise amazon prime

23 Jan. 2020 Episode9.3

Jack’s romance with Anna blossoms while he and the rest of the team investigate the mysterious death of a cyclist during a race.

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30 Jan. 2020 Episode 9.4

The team have to investigate the case of a man found dead in a boat. Inspector Mooney’s daughter returns to the island to visit her father and he has to make an important decision regarding his future.

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