How to Start a Blog

How to Start a Blog and earn good income from it.
How to Start a Blog and earn good income from it.

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Welcome to 2020 blogs of JioTorrent. Want to start a income source from blogging this year? Lets do it together.

Its always better to follow your passion than getting in line with others and keep doing the same thing till the last breath of your life. So lets do it and help yourself to reach new heights and prove them wrong who still believe not only then but also in 2020 that you cant do it. The most important things you need right now are as follow.


Domain name play very important role in blogging. The name should be related to what your blogging. It should be easy to remember. For this always go for .com domain. Check your domain availability :


Only having a domain name not going to make that website online and allow you to make blogs on it. You still need a good hosting provider to make your website online.

If your just getting in blogging field I suggest you go for basic plan. By this you will get a free domain which saves your extra 12 USD/Year. On the next page, fill up your contact information. Pay special attention to package extras as you can skip a few things to save some money.

The best part of bluehost is they automatically install WordPress and free SSL on your blog and remove the extra headache of setting your website with putty and other SSH method.


Now as you have created your blog with proper domain name and hosting its time to start building your website. Choose proper theme customize your home page and your ready to write your first article.

Now this is where a blog niche come. Niche means the topic of your blog. For various topics you can go to SEMrush and under the CPC map section you can find various website topics to get started along with the CPC.

Creating your first blog

As soon as your done with WP theme, pages and important plugins go for your first blog. It should be minimum 750 + words long & follows all basic SEO rules. After this you can apply for Google Adsense and if your setup properly you can get approve by Adsense even with one article. It took me 1 Year 4 Months and 24 Days to get approve by Adsense due to the lack of proper knowledge and guidance.

Don’t lose hope if you get rejected there are lot of Adsense alternatives.


Once you have approved by ad program it’s time to promote your blog on social media such as Facebook.

What is a Facebook Ads campaign?

In this case, a campaign would be the article you’re promoting, but keep in mind the price of the visitors could change a lot if you change your headline and image to something more compelling.

So the first step is to have a blog and start posting some news in the form of viral articles as explained before. That should be clear by now. But how do you make it viral?

Well, as surprising as this might sound, most of your articles won’t go viral. AND THAT’S FINE. It’s something you have to accept because you’re not the best copy writer in the world and you might not be expert at marketing either.

The thing is you need to test a load of campaigns and news until you find the golden ones. Sometimes it takes you 10 articles to find a golden nugget. Sometimes it could take you 30 or 50 until you find one.

Again, don’t worry. It’s normal to fail a lot of campaigns until you find the best one and scale it. Not even the best marketers in the world can make every product or campaign go pro no matter how good they are. However, you need to consider that if you’re going to test a lot of articles and fire campaigns on Facebook Ads, you need a budget.

The key behind cheap FB clicks

What you need here is to split test a lot of images and headlines until you find the best ones. If you’re not sure how to tackle this go to your Facebook account and like all the Facebook Fan pages related to viral websites until you understand the style behind them.

I already mentioned that writing a lot of articles and launching campaigns is the key behind this business, but trust me, the same article can perform a lot better just by tweaking the headline and the image. One image could have a mediocre CTR (les than 2% CTR on Facebook Ads) while a good image could have a wonderful CTR (4% and above) and that will lower your CPC costs a lot. That’s simply the key behind Facebook ads and cheap clicks.

Bonus: You can also use retargeting and custom audiences once you start getting traffic in your website to launch campaigns that will perform a lot better (extra ROI) because you know those people already visited your website. Also, don’t forget to check the Facebook Ads report in your ad manager to see which genders and ages are clicking your ad more so you can create ads for them and lower the CPC.

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