Team Kaylie S01E06 Torrent Magnet 2019

Team Kaylie S01E06 Torrent Magnet 2019
Team Kaylie S01E06 Torrent Magnet 2019

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A wealthy teenager tries to prove herself after she’s forced outside of her comfort zone.

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Top 10 Comedy TV Series Of Week 48

Comedy is everything. A reprieve from the world or an accessible way into it, the genre of “Mary Kay and Johnny” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” has evolved into wider and wider territory over the many years it’s spent on TV.

Ford V Ferrari Reviews

Puts my faith in the movie business again

-This is what cinema is supposed to be! Amazing chemistry and acting by both leads, seamless CGI and practical effects to enhance the film, a firecracker script, a true story, pulse pounding soundtrack, booming sound mix, and edited so well that 2.5 hours flies by! Completely and utterly engaging . So good in fact I saw it twice within 24 hours . Once in Imax and once in Dolby cinema .

Oscar Winning Performance

As close as possible to the truth but!


Just saw F v F at the Telluride Film Festival and it is phenomenal. Perfect performances, incredible visuals and editing, immersive sound, and a riveting story. A real winner. Christian Bale lost 70 pounds Defoe the role and is a delight. Damon is spot on. Catriona Balfe is excellent. All the actors playing Ford executives are excellent as well. Masterful direction from James Mangold. A must see.

lackluster of a joke

Great actor and everything is cool
but i spend to watch a movie about arthur, its not joker. joker showed
up like the last 10 minutes in the movie. they should be ashamed to make
a movie about mental patient went mad idiotic to become the joker. plus
you want to give sympathy to a guy couldnt face society thats the real
world is hard and it would kick ya down. so lets put a smile on that to
make him a mad clown to cause chaos. sorry this is not a joker origin.
this is a joke

Filled with Energy

Biopics can be a hard sell at times. Whether you’re diving into the troubled life of an addict or exploring someone’s sexuality, there are many touchy subjects these days. With that said, I feel there are also those that will stand the test of time, in terms of being able to please a wide audience. Ford v Ferrari is one of the latest true stories out of Hollywood that will be hitting the big screen soon, and here’s why I believe it absolutely deserves attention. (

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An exhilarating and emotional ride

A lot of notes were hit by Ford v Ferrari. The characters are fleshed out very well and give you the emotional attachment you’re looking for in a movie. Bale and Damon’s performances are great; they pull you into the story and completely disappear into their roles. James Mangold proves, once again, to be a master behind the camera. The action scenes are shot to perfection and will have you biting your nails.

A must watch if you are a motorhead or a racing fan!

When you think of great sports movies, Rocky, Remember the titans and Rush comes to your mind. This movie won’t be know as the best sports movie of all time but would surely be among the top 20. Everything that needs to be said has already been said about the two leading stars in the movie but big shout out to the supporting cast including Jon Bernthal who was great.

Absolutely a 10!

I attended the screening at Fox Studios yesterday and It was so good I want to see it again in IMAX. Christian Bale deserves an Oscar nom and definitely so far, the Best Film of the Year!


Jesus Christ – Bale does it again.

Great script, great casting, incredible acting from everyone, but especially Bale.

Joaquin Phoenix I’m sorry it wasn’t your fault.

So DC has created a new company that will make their new standalone movies , so they did everything they can to connect all the dots they could if you are a DC fan you’ll see what the dots are. Props to the cinematography that glues you because the story will just whoop your ass into circles.

Wonderful, and I don’t know a thing about cars.

Im sorry if u think u going to see joker in this movie….. nope you are meeting arthur for most of the movie. this killed the joker origin this movie is not close to joker, u see him as the joker clown for 5 minutes please save your money

Don’t go by the hype

The story, which obviously is a true tell was emotional and I recommend not looking into anything before seeing the film if you don’t know already. Though I’m sure if you know the story you’ll still enjoy it.

Multiple Oscar nominations incoming!

Along with the excellent duo Oscar worthy performances the racing sequences were upmost beautifully made along with the films cinematography!t

Turbo charged!

Nice surprise at the Cineworld secret screening with this. Bale and Damon have great chemistry. I struggled with Bale’s UK Northern accent occasionally, but a story of risk, achievement and friendship, with some great driving scenes. Would recommended, especially for any race fans. 8/10

All Gas, No Brakes

You have to have a big dump in your pants if all you’re gonna do is complain about “historical inaccuracies” of a movie. Extremely entertaining film. Great cast, fun movie. Bale crushes it per usual.

Bale outshines his character as Miles

Honestly I went to watch this movie with zero expectation and knowledge of the plot. The film is a history of Le Mans ’66 told with a thrill ride from Bale and Damon with stunning visual racing scenes. James Mangold has done a fantastic job as a director. Worth the watch in a movie theater.

Movie keeps you at 7000 rpm

Ford V Ferrari is one of the best movies I’ve seen this year, and for someone who has little interest in cars besides minivans and SUVs, that’s saying a lot. Just like the race cars produced by its namesakes, Ford v. Ferrari is sleek and fast; a powerful and expensive machine. A supremely well-balanced combination of corporate rivalry, on-track competitiveness and human drama.

A linear story on a circular track – but beautifully done.

Despite the love affair cinema has had with cars over the years, the sport of motor racing on film has been patchy. Too often the drama on the track has been deluged with melodrama off the track, as in John Frankenheimer’s “Grand Prix” from 1966. While recent efforts such as Ron Howard’s “Rush” have brought modern filming techniques to better convey the speed and excitement, it is Steve McQueen’s “Le Mans” from 1971 that had previously set the bar for realism in the sport. But even there, there were a few off-track love stories to interweave into the action.


Decided to make an account and write this review just because how much I liked the movie, the acting was spot on and so was the cinematography. watch the movie, you won’t regret it.

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Team Kaylie S01E06 Torrent Magnet 2019

Team Kaylie S01E06 Torrent Magnet 2019

Team Kaylie S01E06 Torrent Magnet 2019

Team Kaylie S01E06 Torrent Magnet 2019

Team Kaylie S01E06 Torrent Magnet 2019

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