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A young man whose parents became casualties of war. He is taken in by his uncle Zack, and it is there that Levius begins to immerse himself in the world of metal boxing as if led by fate itself, and his innate ability for the martial art blossoms.

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Top 10 Comedy TV Series Of Week 48

Comedy is everything. A reprieve from the world or an accessible way into it, the genre of “Mary Kay and Johnny” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” has evolved into wider and wider territory over the many years it’s spent on TV.

Joker Reviews

Choker – Why so serious?

You’d think from the trailers you’re getting a masterpiece, but it’s really just 2 hours of closeups of Joaquim Phoenix face making pained expressions. By the end of the movie, you’ll wish you had gone to see It Pt 2 instead, because least that clown was interesting. Too serious for its own good. This movie is going to be a Choker, it’s not going to do well. Todd Philips should stick to Hangover movies.

Bleak & depressing

We all know that Joaquin Phoenix plays sicko characters like Commodus and others very well. So there were no surprising revelations of his talent in Joker – more like: ‘here we go again!’ His Ma played by Frances Conroy looked old enough to be his sister so that part was a bit implausible. I found the lack of action/excitement so tedious I walked out just as the height-challenged character was struggling to get out of Arthur’s slaughterhouse. The rave reviews and high IMDb rating convinced me this would be a great, entertaining movie. It was so NOT

over rated story

Why takes so long to become joker. this movie makes fun of mental patient that have serious problems. where do you see the help he gets?… oh his therapists quit on him b/c he cant man up to do better. he let society kick him down and then its ok to put on make up to be crazy mad idiot at the last 10 minutes of the movie. no this movie is over rated. they made a movie called arthur the bo bo clown not joker

A sad letdown of EPIC proportions

Seriously…After a very long time, got my expectations whacked and buried into the ground. No memorable lines, no music, no story, no motive, no messages….Nothing- Just Joaquin Phoenix trying too hard to carry a movie that’s seriously worth nothing without his acting.

lackluster of a joke

Great actor and everything is cool
but i spend to watch a movie about arthur, its not joker. joker showed
up like the last 10 minutes in the movie. they should be ashamed to make
a movie about mental patient went mad idiotic to become the joker. plus
you want to give sympathy to a guy couldnt face society thats the real
world is hard and it would kick ya down. so lets put a smile on that to
make him a mad clown to cause chaos. sorry this is not a joker origin.
this is a joke

And it’s so long and boring that you can seriously notice your fingernails grow.

Meh… Had potential but could have been better.

I wanted to love the movie but I just didn’t. As someone who attended the premiere, I went in with a mindset to love it but it didn’t work. Where was Ben Affleck’s Batman when Joker was causing all these chaos?

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman too! Henry Cavill’s beautiful Superman with a mustache as well? And Quadro, Cyborg and Shazam? Where were they all?! I thought this was supposed to be part of Addy Snyder’s DC Universe. This was supposed to be connected to Snyder’s masterpiece Justice League. Jared Leto’s Joker was supposed to be Arthur Fleck’s authentic son. There was none of it in it. This is just Taxi Driver but with Joker.
Remove Joker from it and the movie still would’ve worked okay. Disappointed because I was expecting a lot of DC characters to appear especially Henry Cavil’s Superman with his moustache 🙁

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Had potential to be great but was underwhelmed. Truly the most disappointing movie of 2019. Where were the Justice League when Joker was doing all these crazy things? I kept waiting for Ben Affleck’s Batman to show up but he didn’t. Zack Snyder should come back to the DC franchise. Period.

Just another overrated supervillain movie

Apart from A-Class acting, the story line of the movie is very basic and linear. I think I’ve expected way too much from this movie but it turned out to be just another in line.

It’s just- boring

Tries to hard to be pretentious, up its own for most of the movie, Phoenix is decent but not Oscar worthy


This movie is perfect for cringy edgemasters. Also a perfect oscar-bait movie which is boring,depressing and trying to hide that it has a very meaningful plot by keeping the tone dark,violent

Joaquin Phoenix I’m sorry it wasn’t your fault.

So DC has created a new company that will make their new standalone movies , so they did everything they can to connect all the dots they could if you are a DC fan you’ll see what the dots are. Props to the cinematography that glues you because the story will just whoop your ass into circles.

its a snooze

Im sorry if u think u going to see joker in this movie….. nope you are meeting arthur for most of the movie. this killed the joker origin this movie is not close to joker, u see him as the joker clown for 5 minutes please save your money

Don’t go by the hype

The movie is overhyped and completely because of the over acting of the character. The character of Joker was not felt

lost hope

Time wasted film…………….. . totally no magic of acting…health ledger isvall time best

Worst movie in the history of movies.

I never seen a movie this bad. Everything in this movie is a let down. Script. Visuals, acting and the overall tone is bad. 1/10! Endgame and the dark trilogy is better.

Hot garbage

From start to finish it’s just trash. Anyone saying that Joaquins acting
was so amazing was watching a different movie than I saw. He was
absolutely basic, he couldn’t even come close to pulling off the iconic
Joker laugh….it sounded like he was crying, actually pretending to
(poorly) to cry from the start and it never got any better.

looks terrible, he spends most of his scenes sucking in his stomach for a
reason that is never explained and there is nothing that sells this
sloppy ass mess as the Joker’s proper origin story.

Get off the bandwagon people, this movie sucks ass.

It is a Mad Mad World.

Of the Mad, For the Mad, By the Mad. I hope these sort of movies just represent just 1% of people’s mental state. The world needs more positive role models more than ever before. Please don’t make the joker as the dfactor movie for future generations.

jumped the shark

The producers jumped the shark when they had all their BOTS give this movie 10s across the board….. not falling for the scam, I will not be seeing it.


Sorry, this movie didn’t do it for me. It was VERY predictable and clichè, not a lot to see except the main stars performance. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you want to watch it on TV.

Not a DC movie not a good movie 😐

Ok let’s make this very clear this has virtually nothing to do with DC.
This film I suspect was going to get made and going to be called Joker
regardless of the DC Monika being attached or not, as it is a basically a
hash up of king of comedy taxi driver deer hunter etc etc, DC probably
thought they may as well endorse it and make a few bucks.Which it will
and soo many people are going to boat how great it is because they have
been told it is amazing and won’t want to look stupid.

As a DC movie it makes absolutely no Sense as a standalone homage to Scorsese nope still makes no sense.

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Levius S01E01 Torrent Magnet 2019

Levius S01E01 Torrent Magnet 2019

Levius S01E01 Torrent Magnet 2019

Levius S01E01 Torrent Magnet 2019

Levius S01E01 Torrent Magnet 2019

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