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The Mandalorian 6 Big Facts

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The Mandalorian’s Armor Can Deflect Blaster Fire

Usually, someone taking a blaster shot in Star Wars means problems. Stormtroopers have proven time and again that their penetrable armor is no match for blaster firepower, but the armor Pedro Pascal’s Mandalorian hero wears is seen to deflect the energy bolts as if they’re nothing at all. The helmeted character also takes a shot from some type of bladed staff and shakes that off pretty easily as well, so this armor is no joke.

Nor should it be, as Mandalore is known for its insanely durable armor. The materials used there can allow some pieces to last for centuries, and as seen in The Mandalorian trailer, that long-lasting nature is due to a resilience to damage. Basically, whoever wishes to take on this bounty hunter better come equipped with the heaviest-duty fire power, or they don’t stand a chance of even slowing him down.