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Top 12 Facts about Frozen Movie (Part 1)

Welcome To JioTorrent and to quick blog of Top 12 Facts about Frozen Movie.

12. Elsa has more strands of hair than Rapunzel.

11. When Santino Fontana auditioned for the role of Hans, he sang “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story.

10. Disney artists had to take a crash course in meteorology to learn about snow.

9. When Anna becomes completely frozen, you can see Elsa’s signature snowflake on her iris.

8. The Snow Queen, the Hans Christian Andersen story on which Frozen is base, was first put into development by Walt Disney in 1939.

7. Chris Williams, who voice Oaken, went on to direct Big Hero 6!

6. The Duke of Weselton was originally conceive as a royal handler to Anna and Elsa, but as the story progress, filmmakers change his character’s role.

5. The official crest of Arendelle is called a crocus.

4. There was originally a dressing room in between Anna and Elsa’s bedrooms.

3. In one version of the film, Hans gift Anna a snow globe after the coronation, but the idea was drop for narrative streamlining.

2. The animators held a “Sister Summit” to understand what sisterly relationships are like.

1. 50 people work on the technology for the scene where Elsa builds her ice palace. One frame of the scene took 30 hours to render.

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