10 Reasons To Start Online College Today….

10 Reasons To Start Online College Today....
10 Reasons To Start Online College Today....

Online college offers more flexibility than ever before, all from the comfort of your couch (or favorite cafe). Here are 10 reasons to start Start Online College Today.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. …

If you have completed some college, or are an older adult or parent of young children, online college may be a great option to help you reach your goals.

Our era is a great time to be alive. Drones are delivering pizzas, scientists can grow human hearts in petri dishes, and self-driving cars are about to blow our minds.

Are any online colleges worth it?

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It depends on the individual online college in question.  Keep in mind that most colleges offer online courses, and at many you can achieve an online degree and the end result diploma doesn’t say anything about online courses.  So keep that in mind. 

But generally speaking as someone who’s assisted in the hiring process quite a few times, in regards to your average and typical mundane jobs, no it creates very little difference. 


Most companies simply scan your resume to see if you’ve earned a degree and continue scanning through your resume. 

Very few actually give it and more thought or notice than that.  Of course if you went to a well known college or local college in the area you’ll take notice, but that’s really about it in most cases. 

Now if you’re talking about a top level or well respected position, then it MAY be brought into question, BUT again this would depend on the college.  If you earned an online degree at a state college, it likely will not be brought into specific questioning. 

But if you went to a college well known to be an online college or something of that nature, then yes it likely will be brought into question. 

Ultimately as it anything, it depends on the college and your decisions after earning the degree.