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FBI S02E02 Torrent Magnet 2019 Lives of Others

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After the son of a prominent blogger is kidnapped, the team must sweep through her two million followers to find the culprit; Kristen continues to adjust to life as a field agent with her new partner Stuart Scola.

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REVIEW NO 1 : How could they get it so wrong?! Gutted.

Anyone who’s read the book will find this an abomination. Anyone expecting a horror film, it isn’t. I enjoyed the first, it had suspense, Pennywise had his dark, crazy moments, just the way he would stare for a second or 2 had a creepy factor. This has nothing, NOTHING. When a…

Review No 2 : Was this intended a comedy?

Look, I don’t mind being entertained at the movies, but there does come the expectation with such an adaptation of one of the best and most beloved horror novels ever written that it accord some respect while remaining true…

Review No 03 : Overlong, Moronic Rubbish, Give It A Miss

IT 2

At 169 minutes it was just too long, after careful consideration as to where to cut this I arrived at the formed viewpoint I could cut out the whole 169 minutes and stay at home instead….

Review No 04 : If I went alone I’d have walked out

More of a slow romantic comedy for the most part. Not scary at all. It was trash.. slow, cheesy and completely fake. I mean zombies driving cars, a normal human man getting stabbed in his heart damn near and didn’t….

Review No 05 : Most Disgusting Movie of Decade

IT chapter one was an amazing movie so we wanted to watch IT chapter two. we just finished watching the movie and literally I feel like puking. no logic, no story just some disgusting random zombie/ evil scenes with…

Review No 06 : NO PLOT ONLY VFX

Sigh…. This movie is the perfect example of why I’m increasingly giving up on Hollywood, and turning to indie films that actually tell a good story. We eagerly awaited IT 2 for well over a year, expecting a sequel that would be on par with the first part, and we were grossly…

Review No 07 : Disappointment

I can’t believe we waited this long for 3 hours of disappointment. Movie felt like it was 10 hours with the pace it was going, and actors were…

Review No 08 : Insult of IT 1

Its a horrible movie . as someone who has read the books i can say that i feel insulted the cgi isn’t good . no joke, the whole theater laughed a couple of times because it was so bad

Review No 09 : This Movie Sucks

I was incredibly hopeful about this movie because i enjoyed the first IT. First off, this movie was way too long. This movie ended up being boring, i literally fell asleep in the movie theater.

Review No 10 : Terrible Movie

Don’t believe the positive reviews. This movie is such garbage that they can only be paid for by the studio responsible for ruining everyone’s weekend. The people that didn’t walk out were laughing…

Review No 11: Honest Review

How does a movie with no story become 3 hours long?
Seriously, it’s a real question.
Nothing seems to happen… ever… and they virtue signal by changing a character, because you have to now…

Review No 12: BORING

I’ll keep it simple sketchs of unorganised boring movie ,a lot left the theater and the others were talkin out of how long it is

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FBI S02E02 Torrent Magnet 2019 Lives of Others
FBI S02E02 Torrent Magnet 2019 Lives of Others
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