REVIEW NO 1 : How could they get it so wrong?! Gutted.

Anyone who’s read the book will find this an abomination. Anyone expecting a horror film, it isn’t. I enjoyed the first, it had suspense, Pennywise had his dark, crazy moments, just the way he would stare for a second or 2 had a creepy factor. This has nothing, NOTHING. When a supposed horror film has the people laughing at 90% of what’s going on, they’ve done it massively wrong. They tried to make IT a comedy!. I know a lot who haven’t seen it yet will find that hard to believe, but it’s true. There are so many “comedy” 1 liners thrown in at times when a normal person just wouldn’t react that way, it’s unbelievable. The CGI is terrible, real bad and they use it for 95% of everything going on. It doesn’t follow its own certain rules that it sets down in parts. Many, MANY of the things wrong with this film I won’t say due to spoilers. SPOILER FREE about the end. If you thought it couldn’t get anymore ridiculous than what you know from previous, well…you’ll see. The acting was decent, that’s the 1 star. IT is the only book I’ve read twice and enjoyed just as much the second time round as the first and everyone knows how big the book is. I’m gonna read it again to try and rid the memory of this terrible, terrible vision. Gutted. I really am.

Review No 2 : Was this intended a comedy?

Look, I don’t mind being entertained at the movies, but there does come the expectation with such an adaptation of one of the best and most beloved horror novels ever written that it accord some respect while remaining true to the source material.

My main problem with this film lies in its tonal inconsistency. I could never tell if it was attempting to set a somber, foreboding, menacing feeling, or if it was trying to create an atmosphere conducive towards a lighthearted, hilarious jump-scare filled marathon. In one moment it hangs heavy in emotional gravitas (the opening scene is especially brutal and difficult to watch, and Stanley’s suicide is also fairly dark), and the next, it’s so ludicrously over the top and in your face in its execution of its “horror” elements that it produces a jarring sense of tonal discord. What exactly is this film attempting to be? The horror was so absurdly explicitly comedic in its execution (not helped by questionable effects work) that I must assume that was the intent. Yet in taking such a directorial approach, it effectively nullified the entire foundation that the movie required to establish and help foment the dreadful tension, atmosphere, and tone necessitated by the narrative (and of which made the book so stellar), and further relegated all the work by the actors and all other aspects of the film that had helped establish it up to that point void. If it wasn’t intentional, then it does nothing so well as to exemplify how the filmmakers hold a fundamental misunderstanding of what actual horror really entails.

“IT Chapter Two” spends much of its runtime plodding through a mindless, rote, predictable checklist of the characters recovering their artifacts from their youths, to the same tired, mindless, rote, predictable jump scares thrown at you one after the other which you can see coming from a million miles off which further robbed them of all their potency. How am I supposed to care at all about the protagonists’ emotional plights (which are portrayed in a serious light) when their antagonist and its supposedly evil forms who are responsible for them are utterly stripped of their malevolence and are portrayed in such a formulaic, repetitive, explicit, and laughably juvenile manner? Yes, I know “IT” manifests itself also as a Pennywise who does utilize a childlike humor to lure his prey in, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t the only way nor that the entity wasn’t terrifying in all the revelations of its truest forms. They were terrifying in the novel, and here they’re a downright riot. A little subtlety, suggestion, imagination, minimalism and unpredictability goes a long way and would’ve done this film wonders, as that’s where the real core of any effective horror resides. It would’ve not only have helped maintain tonal consistency, it would’ve made it genuinely unsettling. My theatre was howling at every turn, and I’m completely left at a loss as to whether that was what the director intended.

As is, this film suffers an identity crisis. It is inconsistent, predictable, ludicrously (and unintentionally?) hilarious, redundant, overly drawn out to the point of boredom, and worst of all, a downright insult to King, who I’m shocked made the cameo he did in tacit approval of this screen adaptation abomination of his finest work. The glaring tonal juxtaposition and abysmal execution robbed me of all interest in witnessing The Losers’ Club finally confront this ultimate evil terrorizing a small Maine town every 27 years, because in the end, it wasn’t an ultimate evil at all……it was a goddamn mockery of one.

And due to that, I walked out. Truly, truly awful.

Review No 03 : Overlong, Moronic Rubbish, Give It A Miss

IT 2

At 169 minutes it was just too long, after careful consideration as to where to cut this I arrived at the formed viewpoint I could cut out the whole 169 minutes and stay at home instead as this really was a rambling dogs breakfast of a movie.

What was wrong, almost everything, this is deeply disappointing after IT 1 which was a great coming of age movie with horror thrown in.

1, where was the story, Pennywise back, group return and try to destroy him, that’s it.

2, the significance of memory, I can’t remember what I had for dinner yesterday let alone 27 years ago, hardly a revelation then they have forgotten stuff.

3, collecting tokens, this just created a series of cameos, at best a contrivance at worst episodic nonsense.

4, no character development at all, the director was obsessed that we were able to recognise which adult the child had grown into, perhaps colour coding or a label would have worked better.

5, no internal motivation for Pennywise, why come back, why be evil, why kill, why this group of children, why Derry etc etc

6, the actors whilst proficient did not gel, I guess this was the tripe of a script and the nonsensical direction against the CGI backdrop.

What was good

NOTHING, don’t bother with this banal, overlong, incoherent rubbish.

Review No 04 : If I went alone I’d have walked out

More of a slow romantic comedy for the most part. Not scary at all. It was trash.. slow, cheesy and completely fake. I mean zombies driving cars, a normal human man getting stabbed in his heart damn near and didn’t effect him, a spider head. I mean it was horrible. I went with someone but if I had went alone I’d have walked out, and I’ve never ever even contemplated doing that. I literally would have. I was on the edge of my seat, only bc I was ready to leave!!! It’s 3 hours of my life I’ll never get back and it was pulling teeth to get through it. One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen and you’d have to pay me literally hundreds of dollars to watch again fully. Not sure how much exactly but it would hundreds if not a cool 1k. Didn’t feel like IT. Felt like another movie entirely.

Review No 05 : Most Disgusting Movie of Decade

IT chapter one was an amazing movie so we wanted to watch IT chapter two. we just finished watching the movie and literally I feel like puking. no logic, no story just some disgusting random zombie/ evil scenes with background. no thrills at all we don’t understand how this movie gained 7+ stars

Stay away. Stay headache free

Review No 06 : NO PLOT ONLY VFX

Sigh…. This movie is the perfect example of why I’m increasingly giving up on Hollywood, and turning to indie films that actually tell a good story. We eagerly awaited IT 2 for well over a year, expecting a sequel that would be on par with the first part, and we were grossly disappointed. Yet another example of Hollywood catering to the lowest common denominator with graphics and gratuitous violence, instead of producing a good story, which the story of ‘It’ really is. Very, very surprised that Stephen King himself agreed to be in a cameo for this terrible rendition of his novel. In the end, I guess it’s all about $$$$ in mainstream filmmaking, which is sad. I hope that sooner rather than later, Hollywood will finally catch on to the fact that intelligent people – people with $ to spend, you know – go to the movies for quality filmmaking, not for CGI garbage. So very disappointed with IT 2.

Review No 07 : Disappointment

I can’t believe we waited this long for 3 hours of disappointment. Movie felt like it was 10 hours with the pace it was going, and actors were force feeding each other lines. I was expecting a lot more.

Review No 08 : Insult of IT 1

Its a horrible movie . as someone who has read the books i can say that i feel insulted the cgi isn’t good . no joke, the whole theater laughed a couple of times because it was so bad the characters have no backstory and some parts of the story were changed for no reason. moments that made me feel afraid were removed.

the most annoying part is how the scary scenes aren’t scary at one point a cheerful song began playing while one of the characters was confronting a monster most of the jokes are trash , they aren’t funny

it was a waste of time , no love was put into it and it shows

Review No 09 : This Movie Sucks

I was incredibly hopeful about this movie because i enjoyed the first IT. First off, this movie was way too long. This movie ended up being boring, i literally fell asleep in the movie theater. The interesting parts of this movie could’ve been combined into 1.5-2 hours. I was excited about this movie because I thought the cast looked pretty good, but I really wasn’t impressed.

Review No 10 : Terrible Movie

Don’t believe the positive reviews. This movie is such garbage that they can only be paid for by the studio responsible for ruining everyone’s weekend. The people that didn’t walk out were laughing at every attempt at being scary. I’ve been an imdb user for over a decade and this is the first movie so bad that I felt compelled to warn people.

Review No 11: Honest Review

How does a movie with no story become 3 hours long?

Seriously, it’s a real question.

Nothing seems to happen… ever… and they virtue signal by changing a character, because you have to now… but nothing really happens for most of the movie.

And the horror felt a bit like a kids movie.

But ultimately it’s 3 hours with no real plot.

Review No 12: BORING

I’ll keep it simple sketchs of unorganised boring movie ,a lot left the theater and the others were talkin out of how long it is , nothing new , not to be compared to chapter 1 at all