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After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War (2018), the universe is in ruins. With the help of remaining allies, the Avengers assemble once more in order to reverse Thanos’ actions and restore balance to the universe.

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Reviews Of The Secret Life of Pets 2


Intense and entertaining
Narratively, the film is not without fault. In particular, the three storylines are fairly loose, and do not seem to relate to each other. Nevertheless, this does not prevent the film to be thoroughly unpredictable, wildly fun and extremely fast-paced. While introducing a new character Tiger or Hu, the film retains most of the characters from its predecessor, all of which are adorable and cute. The characters, dialogues and actions are super hilarious, and the children in the auditorium kept laughing throughout. Several scenes, including the cliff scene and the chase scenes, are pretty intense.


See the movie if you want fun and happiness.

8/10 Just as good as the first
Shaft is a sequel just as good as the first. It’s got great animation and voice acting (Harrison Ford is a welcome addition). Whilst not as consistently funny as the first, it has better jokes but they are a little more spaced out.
8/10 Very enjoyable
This was brilliant for the 5, 9 & 10 year olds who saw it, they thoroughly enjoyed it and laughed. This is a kids film, and a good one. Adults giving this serious reviews need to get a grip.
8/10 Not as bad as some reviews on here
Let’s get this straight it a film made for children so if it didn’t float the boat of the adult reviewers on here so what. Although not as good as the first it was still a pleasant one hour and twenty minutes of the further adventures of are favourite pets.
9/10 Good movie to take the kids to!
Not a 10 out of 10 because there are three distinct plots that converge at the end instead of a movie length story. It felt almost like a show as opposed to a movie, but it was funny and cute and emotion provoking.
10/10 So good
This movie is amazing! There’s no scary stuff and the animals are adorable! It should be rated G!
8/10 OK
The lovely city pets continue their adventures. Was nice to see a visit to farm too. Very good and colorful animation quality and tries to add funny moments all the time.


Why the bad guy must to be a Russian every time?

9/10 Hilarious especially if you’re a pet owner
I really enjoyed secret life of pets 2 probably more than the first movie as a cat owner Chloe and the cat in the vet were so much like my cat really realistic the movie was really cute and funny I loved the new characters daisy and roster great addition to the pets from the first film daisy and snowballs scenes together were hilarious Tiffany haddish and Kevin Hart are really funny together overall I would definitely recommend watching it I loved it
7/10 Good one for the kids
Took the little ones to see this in their half term break, they enjoyed it so job done really. It bounces along fairly well, will never have the impact of say, a Toy Story, and not a lot in there for the grown ups, but like I say, good one for the kids.
5/10 Remarkably average
Just like the first they put all the good bits in the trailers which have been shown everywhere a million times so they’re no longer funny. Very little originality not terrible but nothing new and somehow still drags even at under 90 minutes.
7/10 My brother and I had a great time
Shaft is the sequel to the 2016 film of the same name and replacing Louis CK is Patton Oswald as Max and this time Max and Duke’s owner Katie is now married with a kid called Chuck. So the gang go off for a week away to the countryside to see Katie’s husband’s father while Max and Duke meet Rooster(Harrison Ford) who takes care of the farm. Back in NYC and Snowball(Kevin Hart) wants to be a superhero and teams up with Daisy(Tiffany Hadish) who wants his help to save a circus tiger.


Overall this was a great movie. It’s the exact same as the first one and the humour is funny.

Perfect for a family afternoon


7/10 A Really Great Family Movie
From the start it must be acknowledged how difficult it would be to undertake a sequel to the first movie. We already know the characters very well so this element of fun is difficult to replicate.


The movie started aimlessly, or so I thought, it then splintered into 3 separate storylines and then to my surprise came back together for the conclusion, that proved most satisfactory.

This was a really great movie but you need to hang in their, the animation is brilliant and the vocal talent solid and plot well conceived. This was more than a worthy sequel and I think everyone will enjoy this.

7/10 Worth a watch
Admittedly, it probably wasn’t necessary to follow the first and could have been a stand alone film, but the kids will love it. Fun and energetic, with plenty of dynamic characters I’d recommend but only if you really enjoy animation.
1/10 Nothing Happens
That is the best review I can give, right there in the title. There was an actual plot in the first movie. This is just a series of events, with really no cohesion at all. I guess this is what happens when they just want to make something to collect easy revenue. It’s just unfortunate that they writers didn’t really care about the movie.
7/10 You can’t deny it’s totally cute
So colorful. So many details. So many ridiculous moments that will make you laugh out loud. This doggone sequel is totally adorable and even better than the first in many ways. Kids will get a kick out of the outlandish shenanigans and parents will laugh enough to tolerate it.
There are many of your favorite characters from the first SECRET LIFE OF PETS but plenty of new ones to add new adventures. This is Illumination’s first sequel since the DESPICABLE ME franchise. You can read my full movie review at Movie Review Mom
Took my five year old grandson. He loved it and so did I. Cannot understand why anyone would give a bad review. Wonderful animation and humor.
9/10 Full of meanings , Really amazing and funny
First i had a doubts that the second always bad but this one is really much better from first one


Go and enjoy it

7/10 A family review: Fun for an animated summer movie
Max’s family has a new addition! And Snowball’s learning to be a hero. Follow your favorite characters from the first movie and meet some new friends along the way as they learn how to be brave! A cute summer movie. There are laughs for the parents and kids.
But know that there is a lot of foul language and that it’s slightly scarier than the first installment. There’s also very clearly an over the top anti-circus sentiment being pushed throughout the movie. It is a really fun, well animated movie that’s a fun summer watch. Check out our review with discussion questions on Down The Hobbit Hole Blog dot com.
3/10 The Filler Life of Pets
A very large chunk of Shaft is pointless and dumb. The movie focuses on three different sets of characters in three different plots, and two of them are entirely filler. It reaches the credits at around the 80 minute mark and I’d say about 20 minutes of the runtime is the actual plot (Snowball and the Circus Tiger).
Worst of all, the main character Max gets the least amount of screentime and his subplot contributes almost nothing aside from hearing Harrison Ford voice an animal. The Cat subplot is just there for stupid gags and contributes nothing as well.


It really felt like three different episodes or short films stitched together to make it feature length and you know what it wouldn’t be so bad if it was at least entertaining to watch. Sadly, the jokes are not funny at all and the whole thing is bland and uninspiring. Honestly, for me it made the first Secret Life of Pets seem not too bad in comparison.

At least that one had structure and felt like an actual movie even if it wasn’t original. Shaft didn’t even entertain the kids in my cinema so I consider it a waste of time and easily one of Illumination’s worst movies.



7/10 A Good Film for the kids
This film is a good film to watch with the kids. Cute animals. funny moments especially Chloe the cat. the stories could’ve made a little more sense especially with gidget and his pet pals. However I liked the film . It’s worth it
My 5 year son and I went to see this with another 5 year old and they had a great 90 minutes! Adult rating 6/10, Kids rating 4/5
5/10 It just didn’t matter….
I wouldn’t mind if we don’t get a third film, this second one isn’t terrible to the point of not seeing it but it really didn’t matter if I did or didn’t. The main focus on the film is based on an emotional aspect in life, I just wish it focused on getting the main story correct and done good rather than trying to dabble in a few different scenarios or situations.
It’s really a kids film but lightly sprinkled with some relatable adult theming. Again this film isn’t terrible but pointless and ok. Your kids will enjoy it. I’ll give this 5/10
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Scary Мстители финал torrent 2019

Scary Мстители финал torrent 2019

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Scary Мстители финал torrent 2019

Scary Мстители финал torrent 2019