What is a torrent file in 3 definition.

What is a torrent file in 3 definition.
What is a torrent file in 3 definition.

What is a torrent file ?

Definition 1:

Torrent is a peer to peer network,there will not be any Centralized Servers to store and maintain data, it has small set of servers to find the seed and peer.

The user who gives data is known as seed,the user who downloads is known as peer.

If person1 has a music gets downloaded by person2. If person3 needs the same song which is available on both person1&2. The portions of data will be given by both person1&2 to person3.

Simply users who replicated data will acts as seeds.

You can see the amount of seed available for the download if its high you have fast download. If 0 your download never going to complete.

Definition 2:

Torrenting is the. Act of downloading a file or files via the Internet from multiple sources instead of a single source, all whole providing the ability for others to download that same file from you.

This process, since it relies on multiple data streams, can be done faster than the “traditional method” of downloading from a single source.  It’s akin to filling a pool with the garden hose from multiple houses instead on just one.

Definition 3:

If it’s Internet-related, my understanding is from Wikipedia (Torreaant file): a special kind of computer file for use with the BitTorrent distribution system. I have no idea if torrent files are related or unrelated to the anonymous Tor network.

Other than that, a torrent for me is literary: a deluge or strong overflow of water.

Thank you for understanding What is a torrent file in 3 definition.

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