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Contrary to the overused term of “get car insurance quotes online “, I have NEVER EVER heard of a company charging for a quotation. It just isn’t done. Any business entity who charges you for a quote should be highly suspect.

To answer your question more directly, if you know what Google is, then you should know what else to do.

You can search Google or Bing using…”auto insurance quote Denver, CO. 12345” and you will get pages of contact information for the type of insurance you need and all quotes both online and over the phone are always no cost to you.

Useful information: I recently bought a 6 month auto insurance policy. I got three free online quotes and the BEST price quoted from companies you see mass advertising on television was $1,501 for 6 month policy!! Ridiculous, right. And…that was State Minimum Liability only.

Next day, I stop in at a little storefront insurance company located in a small strip mall in a Latino community. I recognized the company name, but it I know it’s a small local business. Twenty minutes later, I leave with new 6 month policy and paid $495 for it.

Point: online quotes are free upfront but you pay for them later….instead check first locally for real savings.

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