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These are probably two of the most common questions pertaining to motor insurance, or any type of insurance for that matter. And the truth is that there is no straightforward answer for both of these queries.

It’s nearly impossible to single-out a particular plan and call it the best. This is because what one perceives as the best plan might not even be at par with another person’s expectation. In other words, the best plan is subject to your needs & requirements. Therefore, before you begin to look for the best plan, you need to first understand what you want from a plan.

Do you want a plan that just serves the legal obligation, do you want a plan that offers more than the basic protection, do you want to have protection from more than just accidents, do you want to a plan that offers multiple years of protection, etc. Once you answer questions like these, you can set forth looking for plans that ‘best’ meet your individual needs.

Coming to the most affordable plan – it would be easy for me to say the answer is third party insurance. But this sort of motor insurance comes at the price that it does because it sacrifices your own protection and offers cover only to a third party & their property that’s damaged in the event of an accident in which you are at fault.

So if that suits you, then well and good. But if you are looking for more than just third party cover whilst also looking for a good deal, you’ll need to do a lot more research. You could start by visiting an insurance aggregator site – you should be able to find a detailed comparison of the various insurance plans on one of these pages.

It might be easy to pinpoint the most affordable plan on these sites, but it isn’t a given that you’ll like this plan, and even you go ahead without due diligence, you might rue the fact that you purchased the plan a few years later.

Therefore, you need to first identify a few plans that meet your individual needs best. Once you have this shortlist of insurance policies, compare their premium amounts. The one that offers the lowest premium is the best and most affordable plan for you.

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