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In order to have USAA as an insurer, you must be a member. Although I’m never served as an active duty service member, I am the son of a retired officer and USAA member.

Because I was on the policy as a teen, and had my own policy when first in college, I am a member for life and eligible for coverage.

Other ways are employee of USAA and employee of veterans affairs.

USAA has one of the best member service representatives they will help you with details. It’s a really good company .

  • not sure on the accuracy of the answer.

I’m not going to go off on a rant here but YES— USAA is the best insurance company for everyone eligible.

In 2008 hurricane Gustav toppled an 80’ tall Water Oak onto my house. Within hours of contacting USAA I had an adjuster in what was left of my home and helped me navigate disaster benefits. He opened a checking account for me and directed an initial Deposit of $30,000 provided me with Checks an ATM card and $500 cash to get me through the first few days. I was able with that assistance to stand in line in the sweltering heat at Home Depot and get things you don’t think you’d need like a dehumidifier, a window AC and a Generator so I didn’t need to spend a third night in my wet house with no lights.

I was in MD when the storm hit and I was lucky enough to make it all the way home within 24 hours. Within 24 hours of my arrival I was contacted by FEMA and USAA and they made sure I had access to all the support I needed. It was the second most difficult event of that year; my mother passed away in December.

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