Where to get good used cars for sale?

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There are lots of good answers, and no need of repeating them.

One thing I will add is this. If you want a really good deal, you must be prepared to spend some time looking for it.

This means taking your time to buy.

It is also very helpful in getting a good price if you can buy from a seller who has a REAL need and an HONEST reason for selling quickly for less money.

Sometimes you can buy a car from somebody who has two cars and has just lost his job and can’t make the payment on time. So if you pay off his loan, you save his credit , and this is worth a discount to him.

Sometimes people are selling cars that belong to their parents, and not getting paid for the trouble. I know somebody who was responsible for selling all his parent’s stuff, when they died, and didn’t get paid a dime for the trouble. The money after all the bills were paid was divided among five kids.

So he didn’t have much incentive to try for the best price, he just wanted to get it done with, and sold his father’s car to somebody else I know for a thousand bucks less than it was worth. This cost the man doing the selling his share of the thousand, which was only two hundred, but it saved him a lot of time and hassles. The car sold the first day the ad hit the paper. I took the buyer to look at it and checked it over for him. I also bought a bunch of stuff for myself at the estate sale.

Note the buyer is a friend of mine, the seller just happened to be somebody I knew from working at the same place once.

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