What the best international health insurance package?

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I suggest Religare Health Insurance Co. Ltd – Explore as the Best health insurance Plan after doing lot of Research in international health insurance Plans among various Insurance companies in India.

TATA AIG (Travel Guard), Bajaj Allianz (Travel Elite), ICICI Lombard (International Travel), Reliance (Travel Care) and RELIGARE (Explore) are taken into consideration for Benefits Comparison. (These are the leading travel insurance plans in India)

Even though having a Travel Insurance Policy, it may not help you at the time of Claim due to the Pre Existing Disease Clause & Sub-Limits Clause which are very important factors to choose the Right Travel Insurance Policy from more than 25 General/Health Insurance Companies available in India.

To avoid confusing you with explaining all the terms with various Companies, I’ve not considered the some of the Minor Benefits like *Loss of Passport, *Loss of Checked-in Baggage, *Delay in Checked-in Baggage, *Flight Hi-Jack *Flight Delay

1. Coverage for Pre-Existing Disease (PED) – (E.g. Diabetes, BP, Cholesterol, Heart ailments, Arthritis, Respiratory Disease, etc.)

If you have any existing health condition/issue/disease, then NO USE of buying a Travel Insurance Policy without PED Cover, Because They Can reject Any Hospitalisation Claim if it is PED Treatment or it might be caused by the PED whether it known to you or unknown to you before the Policy Start Date.

Religare Health Insurance Company – PED Covered Up to 10% of the Sum insured

TATA AIG General Insurance Company – PED Covered only up to $1500

ICICI Lombard, Bajaj Allianz, Reliance General – PED NOT COVERED

2. Sub-Limits Clause for Elder People For Specific Treatments/Illness/Expenses Maximum Eligible amount (Limit/Capping/Restriction) will be Pre-Specified the Policy, Even though Coverage/Sum Insured is High, Excess/Remaining amount won’t be eligible for a claim

Religare and TATA AIG are the Only Companies which are having a Travel Insurance Plan without Sub-Limits for Aged people. Premium Payable for TATA AIG will be extremely high while comparing with RELIGARE’s premium.

Always it is recommended, to opt for the Plan without sub-limits, which will save you lakhs of money if claim comes.

Age 61, Country of visit: USA, 150 Days (Consider this case for Premium Comparison)

TATA AIG Travel Guard plan without Sub-limits: ₹73,414/-

RELIGARE – Explore plan without Sub-limits: ₹30,656/- (Religare is Almost 60% Cheaper than TATA AIG)

Sub-Limits will be applicable for all persons above following Age Limit

{Religare: 60+} {TATA AIG: 55+} {ICICI Lombard: 50+}

{Reliance: 60+} {Bajaj Allianz: 60+}

3. International Health Insurance Additional Coverage for Out-Patient Treatment (OPD), Accidental hospitalisation, Medical evacuation & Repatriation mortal remains

For Religare – Explore Plan,

(i)Out-Patient Treatment – Additional $ 50,000 Coverage

(ii)Medical evacuation – Additional $ 50,000 Coverage

(iii)Repatriation Mortal Remains – Additional $ 50,000 Coverage

For Accidental hospitalisation, Additional 100% of the Sum Insured will be given separately.

(i.e. if you make the claim for Out-patient treatment, accidental hospitalization and medical evacuation it won’t reduce your overall sum insured)

For TATA AIG, ICICI Lombard, Bajaj Allianz and Reliance –for OPD, Accidental hospitalisation & medical evacuation Additional Coverage is NOT available. If you make claim, it will be deducted from overall Sum Insured.

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