What is travel/trip insurance?

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Travel/Trip Insurance is an insurance policy which covers all the risks while you are traveling within India or abroad.

Whether you are planning to travel for a business trip, enjoying vacation either with family or friends or studying abroad, it is really important to buy a travel insurance plan to cover all the risks or losses that might occur during the trip.

Suppose you have made all the travel bookings, made the payment, but due to certain reasons, you get to know that your flight has been canceled or delayed, maybe by few weeks. It would be a huge loss for anyone if the flight is canceled after paying such a huge amount.

Hence, travel Insurance protects you & your loved ones from any unforeseen circumstances, even if you are not with them.

There are different types of travel insurance policies from which you can choose the one that suits your requirements. These are as follows:

Domestic travel insurance
International travel insurance
Student travel Insurance
Medical travel insurance
Group travel insurance
Senior citizen travel insurance
Family travel Insurance
Multi-trip travel insurance
Single Trip travel Insurance
Corporate travel insurance

You can read more about everything related to a travel insurance.

Some of the major benefits of having a travel insurance are given below:

Emergency medical evacuation
Delay/cancellation of a trip
Personal accident cover
Emergency cash
Loss/theft of baggage
Medical expenses incurred during a domestic trip

There are also some exclusions to a travel insurance policy, such as:

Flights/trains missed due to local protests/civil war
Expenses incurred due to local protests/civil unrest
Pre-existing conditions leading to hospitalization
Baggage delay that is less than 24 hours
Damage/loss of keys

Note: The exclusions may vary from one policy to another. It is always recommended to compare quotes of travel plans online using travel plans comparison feature and choose the best travel policy with minimum exclusions.
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Kedar Joshi

Shruti Desai
Shruti Desai, traveled over 20 destination in India
Answered Jan 23, 2017

Travelling overseas have become a common practice, whether it is a vacation with family or business trip. It not only stimulate the mind and body but also brings heightened sense of joy in our life. Travelling has now become easy, quick, cheap and pleasant. It broadens our outlook, makes us meet new people, develop national unity and also offers synthesis of culture. With so many advantages associated with travelling, it also brings forth the unforeseen circumstances. Opting for travel insurance plan protect one from these circumstances that include medical and non-medical emergencies. They ensure ones comfort especially when away from the native country.

Designed to secure you from risks, Royal Sundaram’s Overseas Travel Plan offers total coverage against loss of baggage, any form of baggage delays, flight delays, loss of essential documents and medical expenses, at the most affordable rates. The packages offered ensure that all your trips are risk and hassle-free.

The comprehensive package insure infants over 90 days old and adults, up to the age of 70 years, for all their trips outside of the country.

There are two types of policies available under the international travel insurance plan; they are as follows:

Single Trip Travel Insurance – This comprehensive plan commences as soon as one board the flight and is valid until the return. The cover may also cease in accordance with your insurance period, i.e., the duration for which the premium has been paid. Can avail this cover for a period of 180 days.
MULTIPLE TRIP TRAVEL INSURANCE- This plan is annual insurance plan that is valid for 365 days. Only compulsion is that the duration of the trips must not exceed 45 days. Can avail this cover for a period of 180 days.

One is always concerned of the benefits prevailing from a particular plan. Some of the key features available with the plan are as follows –

1. Medical Plan: which includes telephonic medical assistance, arrangement of emergency medical evacuation and medical transfer, faculty of direct settlement, monitoring medical condition etc.

2. Trip Plan: which includes support for lost baggage and lost passport, embassy referral service etc.

3. General Plan: which includes legal referral service, Interpreter service, weather information, and help in emergency message transmission service and assistance in claim procedure.

Travel insurance is the cover you get from insurance companies when you are no longer in the home front. Nowadays you can also buy travel insurance online, which makes the process easy and hassle free in all respects.

This allows you to compare and finding the best one, which provides the best features while charging minimum possible premiums. However, it is necessary to remember that there are certain aspects of your travel, which a company may not cover, and for these you have to pay out of your pockets.

You get medical insurance

With your travel insurance, you can get medical coverage as well, which provides financial aid when you are in a foreign land. This may include anything from hospital charges, footing of pharmacy bills, cashless facilities and even emergency evacuations if such a need arises and transport of the remains in case a person dies while travelling.

Keeping your valuables safe

Misplacement, delay, or loss of luggage is some of the problems that may occur during the course of your travel. You can be left in the lurch in such situations. However, this does not have to be so, when you have a travel insurance to provide the ideal kind of cover in such situations. It can help to replace at least your essentials during the trip and gives you compensation in such situations. Buy travel insurance online since this surely helps to provide at least an iota of satisfaction even if you may not ever get back what you lost in the first place.

What happens when the trip cancels?

Unforeseen situations may get your trip to cancel up then what is going to happen to your ticket price and the bookings with the travel agencies. This may lead to substantial loss if you do not have a travel insurance cover up just such situations. You can get most of your money back and even something on top of that. This however depends on what kind of insurance you have selected to provide you the ideal coverage during difficult situations. International travel insurance compensates the customers in case the trip is cancelled due to untoward happenings.

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