How can I make a term life insurance online purchase?

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Buying term insurance online is very easy, you just need to do good research and check all the details like premium rates, maturity benefits, etc. Bharti AXA Life Insurance provides term insurance online in easy steps and protects your family, should something unfortunate ever happen to you.

You should have good earning. The Life insurance companies see your income status. They will give you physical medical test also. Based on the income and medical tests, they will provide the coverage amount. If you have good income, you can apply for term life insurance.

Term life insurance online purchase is the simplest form of life insurance, we all know that.
This is why most of the insurance companies have made their term insurance available online. The process to make term life insurance online purchase is very simple-

> You need to decide from where you want to buy term life insurance online; an insurer’s website or an aggregator.

> Once decided, go to the site and visit the online buying page.

> You can get the right quote using term calculator for your desired plan by changing figures of tenure and sum assured.

> Submit the form by providing all the necessary details and uploading the required documents.

> Before submitting the form, you will be asked to pay the premium amount.

> You shall be asked to undergo a medical test at the pre-defined centre nearby your residence.

> The report is sent directly to the insurer, and underwriters, by analysing the data, prepare your policy. You just need to wait to get policy documents.

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