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There isn’t really a single best car insurance texas company. We’d also need to define what would make one insurance company the best (is it lowest price? customer service? coverage?). Based on that, there are still a few things that we’d need to know to be able to give an accurate recommendation (Age, type of car, mileage, type of coverage, etc.). Without knowing those things, the best we can really do is give a more general blanket statement.

For a general answer though, traditional insurance companies like Geico compete on pricing. But, then you have Usage Based Insurance (UBI) providers like Root which are also extremely good options for drivers. (UBI being insurance that is priced based on how you drive instead of who you are)

In the end, it comes down to doing your research. Some of the best tools for comparing insurance quotes are Coverhound and (for traditional insurance) and byteRyde (for Usage Based Insurance).

Here is a list of Best car insurance texas , All scores are out of 100.

Best customer service:

USAA – 100

State Farm – 92

Allstate – 91.8

Nationwide – 90.4

Geico – 88.7

Best claims service:

USAA – 100

Liberty Mutual – 96

Geico –93.9

Progressive – 92.5

State Farm – 91.8

Best value for the price:

USAA – 91.3

Progressive – 86.3

State Farm – 84.6

Nationwide – 83.2

Geico – 81.1

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