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A hip-hop mogul must choose a successor among his three sons who are battling for control over his multi-million dollar company, while his ex-wife schemes to reclaim what is hers.

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Empire S05E01 Steal from the Thief
The Lyons pick up the pieces after losing Empire to Eddie Barker.

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Empire S05E02 Pay for Their Presumptions
Cookie and Lucious’ future with Treasure is jeopardized, so they make a surprising decision when they receive two offers that will put them back into power.

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Empire S05E03 Pride
Cookie and Lucious rely on the family and old allies to get back in the music game.

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Empire S05E04 Love All, Trust a Few
The Lyons try to sign a new artist for their new project in their effort to get their groove back.

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Empire S05E05 The Depth of Grief
Lucious and Cookie prep their new artist Devon (guest star Mario) for a premiere listening party, but worry he may not be ready for that kind of pressure. Hakeem is determined to convince Tiana that he’s matured, but she has a hard time letting go of everything they’ve struggled through the past couple years. Meanwhile, Cookie becomes concerned about Jamal.

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Empire S05E06 What Is Done
In an effort to sign more artists, Cookie and Lucious make a bet to see who can find someone first. While Lucious bets on the chance to meet an up and coming rapper in a high stakes poker game, Cookie takes to the streets to find untapped talent in a set of auditions. Meanwhile, Hakeem refuses to leave the studio when his rage inspires what he considers his best music yet and Jamal finds himself at a crossroads when Becky claims he’s spending too much time with Kai.

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Empire S05E07 Treasons, Stratagems, and Spoils
In an effort to bridge the gap between Lyon Family Management and Empire, Lucious must play nice with Jeff Kingsley, so that the two companies can get girl group TBD back on the map. Meanwhile, Jamal grows frustrated with Cookie when she tries to steal his London artist, Wynter, out from under him, Andre works with the mother of one of his old inmates to help free her innocent son and Cookie realizes her sister is in danger.

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Empire S05E08 Master of What Is Mine Own
The cost of running Lyon Family Management starts to put pressure on Cookie and Lucious’ relationship; Kingsley pulls a power move; Kai becomes upset when Jamal announces their engagement on live TV; Giselle uncovers a key to her future.

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Empire S05E09 Had It from My Father
The financial security of the Lyon family is on the line as their LFM showcase quickly approaches. Kai’s research for an expose on Empire uncovers some dirty activity within the company and causes conflict with Jamal. Meanwhile, Hakeem and Tiana finally reach an agreement on how best to move forward with their relationship, Andre struggles with his decision to let a new love interest in and Kingsley strikes a deal with Giselle.
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Empire S05E08 My Fault Is Past
The Lyons must pull out all the stops to prove Lucious and Becky’s in the datamining scandal in order to regain control of Empire.
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Empire S05E14 Without All Remedy
The Lyon family does everything in its power to support Andre; Cookie and Lucious hash out their wrongdoings; Maya comes to terms with where she stands with Blake and the others; The rest of Empire must make sure the tour stays afloat.
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