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Roswell New Mexico Season 1 Torrent

Roswell New Mexico : A re – imaging of Roswell, which centers on the residents of New Mexico, where aliens live undercover among humans.

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Roswell New Mexico Season 1 Episode 1 Torrent

When Liz reluctantly returns to Roswell, she discovers her teenage crush, Max, is an alien who has kept his unearthly abilities hidden his entire life.

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Roswell New Mexico Season 1 Episode 3 Torrent

Liz runs a series of tests on Max to see what powers he may be capable of, and enlists Maria’s help to uncover more about Rosa’s final days.

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Roswell New Mexico Season 1 Episode 4 Torrent

Max is conflicted when a town-wide power outage leaves patients at the hospital in need of help; Liz learns details about the night Rosa died.

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Roswell New Mexico Season 1 Episode 7 Torrent

Liz’s day with Mimi, Maria and Alex leads to a new revelation about Rosa; Max takes aim at Wyatt.

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Roswell New Mexico Season 1 Episode 10 Torrent

Isobel turns to Liz for help regaining her memories; Max and Jenna investigate a series of strange deaths in the town; Sheriff Valenti reveals information to Kyle about his father.

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Roswell New Mexico Season 1 Episode 11 Torrent

As the town prepares for the UFO Emporium re-opening Gala, Liz and the others find themselves on a collision course with an unlikely enemy.

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Roswell New Mexico S01E12 Torrent Magnet 1337x TV

When a major revelation comes to light, Max, Michael and Isobel clash over how to deal with the fallout; Alex uncovers a secret about Project Shepard and enlists Kyle and Michael’s help.

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