Microsoft Rumored specs, features, leaks, price and possible


Microsoft  Rumored specs, features, leaks, price and possible Oct. 2 release

On Tuesday, we may get a glimpse of the future of Microsoft Surface lineup.

According to the rumors, the company intends to use its Oct. 2 event to show off the next version of its Surface portfolio, which could include new or updated hardware, software and services. But given the breadth of Microsoft’s business, the unpredictability of the Surface line and the fact that Microsoft hasn’t announced anything officially, we still don’t know exactly what we’re in for.

Microsoft has an uneven track record when it comes to the Surface line. Varying between periods of radical experimentation and modest, incremental upgrades. The company has often said it uses the Surface portfolio to explore new product categories, rather than stoke competition with partners like Acer and Lenovo in existing categories. But that doesn’t always bear out in practice.

Still, there are several 2017 era products in the lineup, including the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro, that are due for an update. And then there’s also a handful of mysterious code named Microsoft products like the rumored dual screen Andromeda device that could always show up.

Other products in Microsoft’s pipeline that could show up on Oct. 2:

  • The mysterious Andromeda device:¬†The rumors have been all over the place on Microsoft’s secret folding dual-screen handheld. First, we heard it might come in 2018. Then, we heard it might not come at all. Most recently, reported that the project isn’t dead and that Microsoft is retooling it for late 2019.
  • And from the non-Surface rumor mill: the next Xbox, code-name Scarlett, is due in 2020, and a new HoloLens VR system may arrive next year.
  • Surface Book: Microsoft just unveiled the Surface Book 2 in November, making it new enough to have come out of the gate with Intel’s latest eighth-gen Core series processors. So, probably no new updates for the Surface Book until late 2018 or early 2019.
  • Surface Studio: the 2016-era Studio desktop PC is long overdue for an update. And according to MySmartPrice, it may get Microsoft’s signature mini upgrade: Intel eighth-gen processors and some new Nvidia GPU options.
  • Surface Hub 2:¬†Microsoft has revealed plans for a second system, the Surface Hub 2S — which combines legacy software with a new hardware design — and the Surface Hub 2X, which adds some new features including the ability to tile and rotate, support multiuser login and upgrade the platform to Microsoft 365.

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