Kinsta Hosting Review: Is It Worth The Money?

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Blogging is mostly a one-person show, and managing a blog is quite the task. It’s a misconception that blogging is only about writing, because those who blog know that blogging requires doing various other activities like:

  • Optimizing WordPress (or other blogging platform).
  • SEO.
  • Securing the website from hackers.
  • Promoting the blog.
  • Updating the design.
  • Social media marketing.
  • …and many more things…

Blogging starts as a side project, but once it starts making money, you have to treat it like a real business.

Being a professional blogger for the past 10 years, I have had my fair share of ups and downs

Today, I’m sharing with you one decision that I took almost four years ago that has changed the course of my blogging quite dramatically.

Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting Features:

Even though Kinsta is a highly reputed managed WordPress host, they are not for every kind of WordPress site. For anyone who is looking to compromise on hosting quality in order to save some bucks, Kinsta is definitely not for them.

For an entry level blog, a shared hosting plan is better as it usually costs <$10/month. Kinsta pricing starts at $30/month which is not cheap.

However, for any WordPress or WooCommerce site, which is built to perform well and needs 100% uptime, this pricing is not a problem.

What’s under the hood of Kinsta is what really matters.

Kinsta has become the first managed WordPress host exclusively powered by the Google Cloud platform and LXD container technology.

LXD offers the best of both worlds:

  1. Isolation with automatic scalability.
  2. A high level of transportability between host machines and full container snapshots to enable instant and complete backups of the whole environment.

Free Site Migration

If you are moving your existing WordPress site from any host to Kinsta, you don’t have to worry about migrating your site.

Just sign up for an account, use the migration form from your Kinsta dashboard, and their migration team will schedule a time and migrate your site for you.

WordPress Expert Support

When you are paying so much, you can’t accept any sub-standard support. In the past two years, I have never had to worry about any WordPress issue.

If I ever have an issue, I just need to send them a quick ping, and within a few minutes, the issue is usually resolved.

Custom Dashboard

The dashboard offered by Kinsta is very powerful. Even if you are new to managed WordPress hosting, you will have no problem understanding it.

Daily Automated Backup and On-Demand Backup

If you are paying for any 3rd party backup service like BlogVault, VaultPress or Updraftplus, you can save your money.

Kinsta takes daily automated backup of your WordPress blog; you can also take an on-demand backup.

They store 14 instances of backup copies. With one click, you can always restore your backup to a live production site or to a staging site.

Staging Site

You can create a copy of your live site as a staging site (test environment) and can make all the changes there. After moving to Kinsta, this has become part of our development process.

First, a developer makes changes on a staging site, and once we approve it, we make it live to the production site.

The staging site is a must-have feature for any high-end managed hosting site. In fact, when you are shopping for managed WordPress hosting, ensure that that host offers a staging feature.

Free SSL & Advanced Tools Under Your Control

Kinsta offers free SSLs using LetsEncrypt, and it’s pretty easy to set up. You can enable SSL for your site within minutes. You can also use your own SSL certificate if you like. They have a special page called Tools from where you can do various things like restart the PHP, change the PHP engine, enable/disable SSL, and clear the cache.

Just get Kinsta hosting.

If you are also an existing customer of Kinsta hosting, do let me know your review in the comments section below. Have a question about Kinsta that I could answer? Feel free to ask in the comments!

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