Ad Inserter Review: What This WP Ad Plugin Can Do For You?

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If you display ads on your site, you probably know how difficult it can be to:

  • Insert your ads at the right spot on your site without wasting time trying to edit the code
  • Keep track of those ads performance and replace existing ads for new ads when needed

AdInserter is a free plugin (with a premium version) that makes it easier for you to manage any of the ads that you use on WordPress, including AdSense and Amazon Associates. Both Google and Amazon recommend this plugin for inserting ads, which is a testament to its quality.

Adinserter benefits you in two ways:

  • Beyond time-saving, it can offer extra functionality like A/B testing, ad rotation, adblock detection, and a lot more.
  • It will save you time by making it easier for you to insert and manage your ads.

How To Create An Ad With Ad Inserter

To start, I’m going to show you how the free version of AdInserter works. The AdInserter WordPress plugin free version has a broad feature list and includes most of the features, which makes it an excellent option for bloggers.

Then, in the end, I will discuss some extra things that you get with the Pro version.

Creating A New Ad Block

AdInserter works by using something called Blocks. A “Block” is a location where you want to display ads. You can include multiple ads in a single block, as well as rotate ads within a block.

In the free version of the plugin, you can use 16 different blocks. To manage them, you go to Settings → Ad Inserter.

To insert an ad, you need to paste its code into the box. For example, you could paste in the code for an AdSense block.

If you don’t like using the code directly, you can also use the Tools to create your ad using the WordPress Visual editor, which is nice if you’re working with custom banner ads.

AdInserter also includes a tool to help you generate the AdSense code right from your WordPress dashboard, which is convenient.

Automatically Inserting Your Ad Block On Your Site

Once you’ve entered your ad, AdInserter can help you insert it pretty much anywhere on your site. This automatic insertion feature is one of the most powerful parts of AdInserter.

In the free version of the plugin, you can automatically insert ads before or after.

  • A post
  • Content
  • Specific paragraphs
  • Random paragraphs
  • Comments
  • Excerpts

And you can also put them:

  • Near a specific element (using CSS)
  • Above your site’s header
  • In your site’s footer
  • Between comments, excerpts, or blog posts
  • At custom positions using hooks

Finally, you can also manually insert ads with:

  • Shortcodes
  • Widgets
  • PHP functions


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