Email Marketing System within Blog Posts Using LeadPages

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“A ‘Email Marketing System’ work like a lead magnet (bribe, value) which you offer in return for an email subscription.”

Email Marketing System have always been one of the most lucrative ways to get email subscribers. You might have seen this on all of the popular blogs or you might be offering one yourself.

In recent times, offering lead magnets within a blog post has been seen as leading to more targeted email-subscribers. I have personally tried it & it works great.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to setup a Email Marketing System using LeadPages within a blog post.

LeadPages is a great tool for bloggers & online marketers. Which will let you create landing pages (with zero technical skills), offer lead magnets for Email Marketing System (more on that later), SMS options, and many more amazing features.

Now all you have to do is configure LeadPages to optimize your Email Marketing System. If you are new to LeadPages follow the steps to learn how to configure leadpage for Email Marketing System.

Configuring LeadPages for Email Marketing System

Login to your LeadPages account, and click on the dropdown beside your name at the top right. Select “Lead Magnet Delivery”.

Click on “Upload New File” and upload the file that you want to offer as a lead magnet…

Once you have uploaded the file, click on “LeadBoxes” at the top.

Click on “Create New LeadBox”

On the next page, start configuring your LeadBox like you normally do. Integrate it with your email provider, and remove the fields that you don’t need..

All you need to configure here is switching on the option that says “Send An Email After Someone Opts-in On This Leadbox”.

Now complete your form styling and click on “Save and Publish” at the top right.

Clicking on “Publish” will give you various option to integrate the new LeadBox in your blog. What you should be interested in is getting the direct link to offer the LeadBox.

Simply use that link as a hyperlink placed within your blog post asking people to opt-in to the lead magnet.

That’s it Now your all ready to promote your own Lead Magnets link for Email Marketing System. Thank You for rading till end. Do let me know your opinion on Email Marketing System within Blog Posts Using LeadPages. Use contact page if you have any difficulties.

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