Email Marketing Blog 5,324 Subscribers Using Facebook

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In Digital and Email Marketing industry everyone know that there are two types of bloggers. The bloggers who understand the importance of building an email marketing blog email list and the ones that do not.

This article is very useful for you if your the first one. Read the entire article and I hope you will enjoy it. If your the other one then this article is not for you. Meanwhile you can read my second Email Marketing Blog Email Marketing ROI and How to Increase it ?

If your goal is to have 100000 subscribers which convert crazy keep reading.

Since I’m a new age digital marketer & love experimenting, I experimented with Facebook ads and I suddenly discovered that Facebook can be a great source of email list building, if you do it the right way.

Believe me, paid advertising can work wonders if you can make it work for you! And you can start getting comfortable with paid advertising by spending small experimental budgets on various channels.

For this following steps need to follow.

1. Build a Lead Magnet and a Landing Page

Irrespective of whether you run paid ads or not, you need a strong lead magnet for list building. You need to give people are the reason to give away their email ID. It could be an ebook, a tool, or a free course.

In my case, I built a free digital marketing course that I could give away. I worked a lot to create this course, and I believe the appeal of a free course is much more than a free ebook. I am gaining subscribers for this course through the options on my blog and through landing pages. The blog options are organic. Paid traffic is driven to the landing pages.

I used organic traffic to do split testing and increase the conversion ratio. During the split tests, I discovered the best words to use that will give the maximum conversions. In my blog I use OptinMonster for optin forms and Unbounce for landing pages.

If you are using WordPress, you can integrate Unbounce or Leadpages with your WordPress blog. It will sit as one more page in your blog. Or you can use tools like Thrive Content Builder to build landing pages.

The important thing here is to give an offer that your visitors cannot refuse. Also, in the process make sure that your conversion ratios are as high as possible by testing it.

2. Driving Traffic Using Facebook Ads

Once your landing page is ready, you can drive traffic to it from any free or paid channel.

I drive traffic to my landing page using my blog, Google AdWords as well as Facebook Ads. However, I track them separately so that it is easy to calculate the ROI.

With Facebook Ads, I have been able to achieve a cost per lead of $0.33 for highly targeted audience who live in the top 5 cities in India and have shown interest in the topic of “digital marketing”.

3. Optimize Your Facebook Ad Campaign

The secret to getting a low conversion cost is optimization. When you are running paid campaigns on Facebook, you have to test it with multiple images and headlines. Experimentation is the key to getting a high conversion ratio. One of my best-converting ad copy is this one shown below. (Feel free to replicate it).

Study Understand and build your own plan and repeat and you will definitely achieve your goal to have 100000 subscribers. Hope you enjoy the article Email Marketing Blog 5,324 Subscribers Using Facebook. Thank you for reading it till end.

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