Bulk Email Marketing Services That Converts Like Crazy

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First Understand What is Bulk Email Marketing Services?

Bulk Email Marketing Services or Bulk email campaign is a method of Internet marketing which implies sending automated emails to the group of addresses. … The number of recipients can vary significantly, depending on the intentions of a particular campaign. These lists of recipients are created on the basis of segmentation.

I am going to classify the entire process of creating an email list into three steps.

  1. Getting Permission to Send Emails
  2. Collecting Email Addresses
  3. Boost the process of list building by offering Freebies and Incentives

Lets have a deeper look to each steps.

Step 1# How to Get Permission to Send Emails to Your Targets

If you do sending emails as part of your email marketing campaign without having any type of permission from the recipient can spell disaster for your marketing campaign. Whether you’re aware or not. You can’t legally send emails to persons who are a total stranger to you and even if you could. Without any doubt, I could say that you’re not going to make very many people happy by sending them emails they didn’t opt for. Therefore, an email list without permission isn’t very valuable, in fact it could affect your brand name negatively.

On the other hand, when your email list is build upon the email addresses of prospects and customers who have shown an interest to receive emails from you or have explicitly asked your business to send them emails to stay updated with your offers and services, you have got a very valuable tool for your marketing strategy.

The initial step towards building a permission-based email list is deciding on a permission level. We can classify the permission levels into three basic types of permission.

  1. Implied
  2. Explicit
  3. Confirmed

Step 2# Collecting Email Address

I believe, by now, you’ve understood the position of the subscriber permission in a better marketing plan. Now, When it comes to collecting emails, I could list at least five methods to ask people to join your email list.

The most common way to collect email IDs is by putting an online sign-up form to your website visitors. You should place the sign-up form or at least a link to the sign-up form on every page of your site, not just the homepage, because you never know when someone will visit your website or exit your website.

When someone visits your office, or calls your business on the phone, don’t miss the opportunity to collect email addresses from him in person. You ask directly if he or she would like to join the email list to receive information about the topic of the call or the visit. When you participate in events like keynote speech or trade shows and when you meet people for appointments, don’t hesitate to ask everyone to join your email list.

Printed marketing materials such as printed ads of your business in a local magazine, or a classified ad should describe a way to join your email list. You can offer a sign-up form by asking people to write their information directly on the form, and you can use printed advertising to promote other methods of joining such as placing a QR code in your ads that can take the readers into your online subscription form if they scan it.

Promote Email Sign Ups by Offering Incentives

Collecting email addresses and other personal information is not an easy task. If you find yourself you’re not yet close to your targeted subscriber number. Then it might be the right time to learn how to create incentives to increase the number of subscriber sign-ups you get.

If your conventional wisdom says that people aren’t willing to share their email addresses, then you could be wrong. Actually, they are willing to share. All you need to do is to communicate the value of your email list effectively. What I am trying to say is to exchange value for information. The more valuable your newsletter, the more folks will subscribe to receive that value.

If you have focused a lot on building an Email list but never thought about conversions. I suggest you to re-think about your Email marketing strategy. Instead of creating an Email list of 1000 people, a list with targeted 100 people will work better for you or for any online business.

Thank You for reading till end. Hope You enjoy Bulk Email Marketing Services That Converts Like Crazy.

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