WWE RAW 2 April 2018

WWE RAW 2 April 2018
WWE RAW 2 April 2018

Welcome to JioTorrent Wrestling Entertainment Section. Its only a week to go for Wrestle mania and we are live at Monday Night RAW. So Lets read WWE RAW 2 April 2018.

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WWE RAW 2 April 2018

Tonight, Raw begins with a debate between CEO of WWE and General Manager of RAW. Kurt Angle with Ronda Rousey and Triple H with Stephanie McMahon talk face to face one last time before they face each other at Wrestle Mania.

At the end of this debate Triple H shakes hand with Kurt Angle and the same thing Stephanie did with Ronda Rousey. However, Ronda did not accept that friendly hand shake when Kurt angle look at both of them Triple H one more time attack Kurt angle from behind. Ronda instantly got Triple H after that but surprisingly this time Stephanie perform Kurt Angle’s Olympic move to get Ronda Rousey down on tables.

Bayley Vs Sonya Deville

After this first match of tonight RAW begins between Bayley and Sonya Deville form Absolution. Bayley enters the ring and reach to stadium when she sees Women Royal Match trophy. This wrestle mania a match is fix between some women wrestler for that women wrestling trophy.

The match keeps going on and at the end Bayley pins Sonya and win the match. When Bayley win the match, Mandy Rose enter in ring and start attacking Bayley meanwhile Sasha Banks come and attack both Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. After Bayley and Sasha get absolution out of the ring they mess with each other and start fighting. Taking advantage of this Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose one more time enter in ring and attack Sasha Banks and Bayley.

Seth Rollins Vs Finn Balor With the Miz in Commentary

Finn Balor enter first in the ring rising the Balor club for the match against Seth Rollins. After Finn Miz enter with his Intercontinental Championship. He is here for commentary so he turns right to the commentary table. Following Miz Seth Freaking Rollins enter in ring.

The match becomes a bit long than regular matches of RAW as no competitor giving up. At the end Seth Rollins knock out Finn Balor and win the match. Miz standing on table watch all the match and according to that he must have made his strategy for Wrestle Mania match.

In the backstage Paul Heyman show talking to someone on phone where Kurt Angle meet him and talk about Brock Lesnar match with Roman Reigns. On this Paul laugh at Kurt Angle and ask him to relax as nothing will stop Brock Lesnar from winning. This is a clear sign of overconfidence and underestimating Roman Reigns.

John Cena Road to Wrestle Mania

John Cena enter in ring with My Time is Now but WWE chants for John Cena Sucks again. Tonight, it will clear that who is competing against John Cena at Wrestle Mania. Is it The Dead Man Undertaker or else its his brother The Big Red Machine Kane?

Looks like the answer to John Cena is a big no. John Cena accept that and now he is all set to go Wrestle Mania as a Fan and not as a WWE Superstar or Performer.

One last time John Cena try his best to call out Undertaker but he fails. At the end he apologizes Undertaker for any kind of insults made to call out him.

With a lot of respect John Cena finally give up to Undertaker.

Roman Reigns knockout Beast

Roman Reigns face Brock Lesnar for last time before their match @ Wrestle Mania. Brock Lesnar aarive in ring with a black chair to bring down big dog one more time. But this time Roman Reigns was all prepare for the Beast. With back to back five superman punches he bring Lesnar to his knee. This is massage to beast that he mess with the wrong guy two weeks ago.

Well we hope this will make beast understand how he underestimate Roman Reigns which is a big mistake.

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