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WWE RESULTS : WWE RAW 12 Mar 2018 Results

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Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns surprise appearance make Kurt Angle shock. Kurt Angle ask what you doing here you are suspended temporary by WWE last Monday Night RAW.

Roman Reigns ask Kurt Angle that where is Brock Lesnar. He doesn’t show up last RAW and now even tonight he is absent to represent Wrestle Mania. For this he come to RAW and now he is not going anywhere unless he meets the Beast Brock Lesnar Face to Face.

Kurt Angle leave the ring after Roman Reigns decision. Roman Reigns bring a black chair in ring for waiting in ring. Due to this WWE send some US Police officer for illegally high jacking WWE and for going against WWE.

Brock Lesnar

Roman Reigns did surrender to the police officer and let them wear the handcuffs. As soon as that happened when the officer tries to get Roman Reigns out of ring Roman attack on officers. By this WWE universal Champion Brock Lesnar shows up.

Brock Lesnar take the advantage of Roman Reigns handcuffs and attack him the Beast way. He entirely breaks him down with the chair that Roman bring in ring. He keeps coming back in ring for three times and continue to smash Roman Reigns with the black Chair.

WWE Medical staff comes after Brock Lesnar leaves him. They all did their job treatment but again Brock Lesnar shows up and push Roman Reigns from the stretcher. At this moment Beast stop him and Roman Reigns get some peace from Suplex City.



Alexa Bliss segment with Asuka continues last Monday Night RAW. Again, she tries to defend Asuka by creating a match against Nia Jax. When Nia Jax doesn’t show up Mickie James fight against Asuka. After the match Alexa Bliss meet Nia Jax and ask her explanation for not showing up. Nia reply Asuka is real champion and it is very difficult to defeat her. Alexa motivate Nia by lying her.

The real face open when they gossip about Nia Jax in the make up room and the trust get broken.

Tonight, Alexa Bliss comes in ring for her match against Asuka. She apologizes Nia for the last Monday night RAW. She explains herself. After this Asuka comes in ring.

The match continues to its way. Asuka win the match when Alexa leave the ring. After that Nia Jax show up and try to get Alexa Bliss for her last act. Alexa run away from Nia Jax but Nia doesn’t leave her and keep following her to backstage.

Monsters in Backstage and in Ring.

Kurt Angle shown in backstage calling someone. Alexa Bliss come and complain about Nia Jax and ask Kurt to either temporary suspend her or arrest her. Kurt Angle reply that he already finds a solution for this which is RAW women Championship at wrestle mania. This makes Alexa shock.

Braun Strowman come in ring and talk about his last act of defeating all tag teams for Wrestle Mania. He gets interrupted by The Bar Sheamus and Cesaro. They try to understand Braun Strowman that this is Tag Team championship not any other single man championship. To defend this or to challenge this title two wrestlers are required then it becomes Tag Team match.

Braun make fun of this and challenge both of them for a match. Both of them decide to attack together but Sheamus give up after Cesaro get in ring. The match between Cesaro and Braun starts. Meanwhile the match Sheamus try his best to distract and ruin the match. But he fails and Braun Strowman wins the match.

Up next is the ultimate deletion. On this WWE show Matt Hardy video in which a lady is show playing piano and on her back a baby is tied. As usual Matt Hardy give an idea about the match. All this happen in a house which is in the middle of a forest.

Sasha Banks And Bayley Vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville

Bayley enter the ring first and after her the legit boss Sasha Banks enter with mic in her hand. Sasha apologies for her act in Elimination chamber and try to get back her best friend. Bayley also forgive Sasha and the match against absolution become steady. Absolution comes in ring and made fun of both Sasha Banks and Bayley.

The match continues and both Sasha Banks and Bayley cooperate each other. But they lose the match because of referee confusion. The confusion occurs due to interruption of absolution in the match. But this make a sense that maybe Sasha Banks and Bayley are still not on the same page.

John Cena Wait for Undertaker Answer

John Cena arrive in for the undertaker answer on Monday Night RAW. Cena makes everyone excited for bringing Undertaker match in wrestle mania. That’s why everyone await with John Cena for the Undertaker answer. But as John Cena said that the answer is no then everyone get disappoint.

John Cena cheers up Undertaker to take decision and WWE universe help him in this job. At the end Kane The Big Red Machine shows up. John Cena thought he carrying a massage from Undertaker but he soon understands the intention of Kane. Kane give a choke slam to John Cena and make him KO.  With this WWE announce a match between Cena and Kane next week and maybe this will continue in Wrestle Mania Too.

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WWE RESULTS : WWE RAW 12 Mar 2018 Results

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