AJ Styles to Leave WWE after Hell In a Cell

AJ Styles to Leave WWE after Hell In a Cell

Welcome to JioTorrent Wrestling Entertainment Section. In a recent lookup on twitter I see a news which can be a rumor that 4 time WWE Champion the Phenomenal One AJ Styles to Leave WWE after Hell In a Cell.

WWE has not posted anything official till now upon this matter. But if this is true it is a big shocking news for the Phenomenal followers.

AJ Styles defend his WWE title in WWE Fastlane against 5 opponents. From this he become the 4 time WWE champion. AJ Styles made his debut in WWF in 2002 in Smackdown. After this AJ Styles join many other pro wrestling shows.

On 20 January 2016 AJ Styles officially sign the contract with WWE and from then to now he is a part of WWE.

But now the contract is getting to its end date. And if it not get renew by WWE AJ Styles will have to end his journey as a WWE Champion.

On this Wrestle Mania AJ Styles will go one on one with Royal Rumble 2018 winner Shinsuke Nakamura. The dream match of AJ Styles will be live this April 8 2018. This one is AJ Styles dream match in which he want to defeat Nakamura for a revenge of Japan match.

The contract will end on September ending week and before that WWE Pay Per View Hell In a Cell will be live. If the rumor is true then Hell In a Cell will be the last WWE Pay Per View event in which we will see AJ Styles performing as WWE Champion.

We hope this is not true and if it is true then WWE renew contract with AJ Styles so that we will see the phenomenal in next Wrestle Mania as WWE Champion.

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