WWE RESULTS : WWE RAW 12 Mar 2018 Results

WWE RAW 12 Mar 2018 Results

WWE RAW 12 Mar 2018 Results
WWE RAW 12 Mar 2018 Results

Welcome to WWE RAW 12 Mar 2018 Results we are live so get ready for action.

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So, Ladies and gentlemen we are live and we all welcome you all in Monday Night RAW. The Show start by RAW General Manager Kurt Angle. He says some things related to his match at wrestle mania first then he talks about Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. It was something which Roman Reigns do not like so The Big dog arrive in ring. He explains his thoughts to Kurt Angle and leave the ring. In the end he goes back to backstage to Vince McMahon.

Back from commercial we see Renee Young waiting for Mr McMahon outside his cabin. Roman Reigns get out first and walk away without saying anything. Vince McMahon comes out and talk about the issue related to Brock Lesnar match. He also states that Brock Lesnar is here on tonight Monday night RAW let’s see further what happen till the end of the show.

Sasha Banks Vs Sonya Deville

The first match for tonight is between Sonya Deville from team absolution against The Legit Boss Sasha Banks. Sonya Deville enter ring when the backstage story was going on. Sasha Banks arrive in ring with her friend Bayley. The Match begins after a commercial break.

The match continues. Mandy Rose try to help Sonya Deville but Bayley stop her from doing this. After that Sasha Banks end the match by locking Sonya Deville to make her Tap Out. Sonya Deville tap out and let Sasha Banks win the match. When Sasha Win the match Bayley without saying anything get to backstage. Looks like the best friends are not on the same page now.

After losing to Sasha Banks Absolution get her to bring her down. No one comes to save Sasha Banks and we go for another commercial break.


RAW Up next is Miz Tv with Seth Rollins and Finn Balor. Because the Miz is Intercontinental Champion he has to fight against Seth Rollins and Finn Balor. He starts his show Miz TV and call out both Seth Rollins and Finn Balor as his guest for tonight.

Miz try to manipulate both Seth Rollins and Finn Balor. Seth Rollins explain the match is a triple threat match between Miz and him and Finn Balor do not stand a chance. Reacting to this Finn Balor challenge Seth Rollins right now on tonight RAW. That is wat Miz wanted that both of them fight each other so that he can save his title.

But that do not work tonight as Miz becomes the target to start match. Both Seth Rollins and Finn -Balor attack Miz. After this Seth Rollins attack Finn Balor and leave the Miz TV. Back from commercial break we see Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins tonight.

No Road to Wrestle Mania for John Cena

John Cena arrive in ring for a talk with WWE universe. John Cena explain and accept his lose at Fastlane 2018. He is now complete out of the way to Wrestle Mania. But still he will be a part of Wrestle Mania not as a wrestle but as a fan. Because without WWE universe there is no Wrestle Mania no RAW no one is champion.

But after that he challenge Undertaker which everyone wants. He raps for this and leave the ring. We hope we will see the Deadman in Wrestle Mania again.

Seth Rollins Vs Finn Balor

Seth Rollins enter the ring for his match which activate earlier tonight with Finn Balor at Miz TV.
Finn Balor enter after Seth Rollins and the match take it place. The match is being observed by Miz to make new strategy which will help him to defend his title at Wrestle Mania.

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