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WWE Fastlane 2018 Nakamura Vs Rusey Winner Nakamura.

In Columbus Nationwide Arena we are live for WWE Fastlane. The PPV event start with WWE Royal Rumble 2018 winner Shinsuke Nakamura. As soon as Aiden English enter ring silently following Shinsuke Nakamura WWE Universe chants for Rusey Day. With this Aiden English call out Rusey in ring and he enter for his challenge tonight with Nakamura.

As the match start WWE chants for Shinsuke Nakamura. The match continues taking its shape. Shinsuke remain strong from the start of the match. After Six minutes of match Shinsuke get Rusey lock up but Rusey break it as soon as possible. This injure Rusey right leg a little.

At a moment everyone thought the match is over for Nakamura at 12 minutes and 30 seconds. But Nakamura survive that and in the next minute he performs the victory move and within 13 minutes Nakamura defeat Rusey at WWE Fastlane 2018.

WWE US Championship Bobby Roode vs Randy Orton Winner Randy Orton

After this Glorious match WWE Show the segment between US Champion Bobby Roode and Randy Orton. After promo In My Veins the Viper Randy Orton enter the ring. Following Orton shining in all dark Glorious Us Champion Bobby Roode enter the ring. Announcer announces both Bobby Roode and Randy Orton for the WWE Unites States Championship.

With #USTitle the math begins. The match keeps going on. Within four minutes of match it gets clear that both Bobby Roode and Randy Orton are scare of each other signature moves. Both are not overconfident as both are behind US Title. The match runs for 23 minutes and at the 23rd minute a RKO in air give Randy Orton the WWE United States Championship.

Jinder Mahal The Modern Day Maharaja enter the ring and attack Randy Orton. Meanwhile Bobby Roode attack Jinder Mahal. At the end Bobby Roode stand tall but without his Title he brings in the beginning of show.

WWE Fastlane 2018 Tag Team Match

After this segment between two best Tag Team Champions team show up. Which is between The New Day and the USOS. As the segment promo get over The New Day enter ring. Following them The USOS enter in ring.

The match runs for 10 minutes but soon get cancelled when Bludgeon Brothers interfere.

WWE Fastlane 2018 Women Championship

Riott Squad is in ring to achieve their target which is one more to go. And to get over with Riott Squad WWE Smackdown Women Champion Charlotte Flair is in ring. Before match a promo between Charlotte and Riott shown for the purpose of the match.

For support both contenders team mate arrives in ring. The match continues. Ruby stay strong and avoid every mistake she does when she is against Charlotte. For wining purpose, she teases Becky Lynch and Naomi. When both of them enter the ring, referee get them out of ring. On the other hand, Charlotte get beaten by Riott Squad. Unfortunately, referee saw it and get the Riott squad out of the ring too.

At the end with a sphere Charlotte Flair get Ruby to tap out. As soon as she taps out Charlotte win the match and defend her title. After match Asuka show herself and point to wrestle mania. Which mean she might face Charlotte Flair on Wrestle Mania 2018.

WWE Fastlane 2018 Main Event WWE Championship

First a promo comes in which everyone tries to impress the audience why they deserve to be the WWE Champion. As the promo ends Shane McMahon comes in ring. Following Shane first John Cena appear for the match. After Cena Corbin Dolph Kevin and Sami Zayn enter the ring. And at the end the phenomenal one WWE Champion AJ Styles is in ring.

The match begins and John Cena get all four challengers out of the ring. Now it becomes John Cena Vs AJ Styles one on one. But not run for a long time as AJ Survive each attack of John Cena. At some time later All Four challengers gain up their energy and target John Cena and get him out.

After this the match begins. Kevin Owens mostly target AJ Styles. Corbin mess with Dolph Ziggler by giving him a sphere on audience board line. John Cena crush AJ Styles on the commentary table with Attitude Adjustment. Kevin owns and Sami Zayn get Cena out of their way. Now its all about Sami Zayn Vs Kevin Owens.

Meanwhile they mess with Shane McMahon. Due to this he not either let Kevin pin Sami and Sami pin Kevin. Meanwhile Dolph and Corbin come back to ring. Corbin with the steel chair and try to get everyone out but he fails to Cena.

Cena continue with Corbin and Dolph. Meanwhile Kevin interfere and get Cena out at the end with a perfect shot AJ Styles knockout Kevin and win the match. With this the phenomenal defend his title from 5 opponents at a time. What a match that was. We hope you enjoy it.

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