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Post : WWE RAW 26 Feb 2018 PREDICTION

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Only Few Hours are remaining for WWE Pay Per View Event before that take a look back on WWE RAW. WWE Smackdown is going down with their interest in WWE Special Programs such as WWE Fastlane. WWE Raw superstar John Cena already join the race in WWE Fastlane.

Nia Jax vs Asuka. Winner Asuka

Asuka is on RAW to take revenge from Nia Jax for her act last Monday Night Raw. In last Monday Night Nia Jax loose to Asuka and then attack her again to put her down. In the backstage Alexa Bliss talks about the match. Alexa Said she never seen Nia so tense. In any how Nia wants to win this match and when she wants something she give her best to get it. Something like this Alexa said to Renee Young.

The match continues after break. Nia Jax perform her signature move on Asuka and try to pin Asuka But Asuka get lucky as she is very close to ropes that avoid the pin. After this Asuka lock down Nia which becomes unbreakable. Nia try to unlock her hand for almost 2 minutes performing various stunts but Asuka do not give up. At the end due to the pain Nia Jax tap out and Asuka wins the match. After winning the match Asuka get out of ring leaving Nia all alone in ring.

The Bar vs Dash. Winner the Bar

A twitter fight is shown between The Bar and Dash before the entrance of The Bar Cesaro and Sheamus. Dash were already in ring and now The Bar is in ring for their match.

The match continue and Dash perform pretty well as a team. When the Bar realize this, they change their strategy. But even the double teaming fails and Dash loose to The Bat at end.

After this WWE Show John Cena Road to Wrestle Mania. John Cena beat WWE Champion AJ Styles on Last Tuesday Smackdown. Now John Cena is in Fastlane in WWE Championship match. John Cena talk about his match at Fastlane and He committed that he will do his best to defeat AJ Styles. And there will be 100 percent chances that John Cena will be in Wrestle Mania.

Meanwhile Goldust come in ring and say weird things to John Cena and at end suddenly attacks Jon Cena. A match after this take place in which John Cena defeat Goldust.

WWE Stands for Walk with Elias is shown in backstage talking to Kurt Angle.

Symphony of Destruction

WWE new trending hashtag is #Symphonyofdestruction for the match between Elias and Braun Strowman. Elias begin the event with Who Wants to Walk with Elias. I love symphony that’s what he said.

He sings a song for Braun Strowman the monster. As always before he sings he ask WWE stands for Walk with Elias. Elias ask to turn off light for proper introduction as the light off Elias run away form ring to exit. He come out of building and get in his car. As he tries to run Braun pick his car up so that he cannot move it anywhere. Elias again run inside the ring and there Braun get his hands on him.

Braun gets Elias on entrance point where he breaks the giant guitar on him. He also put him under the black piano and break the stand so that it will falls on him. At the end he pin him and end the match.

These events which took place on last WWE RAW will keep going as a storyline of WWE. That is why we always look back events to understand and get predictions of upcoming events. Only Few hours are remaining so we better move on and get ready for the live show.

We hope you like our article WWE FASTLANE 2018 PREDICTION. If you need to ask anything do not hasitate as your opinion matter us a lot. WWE FASTLANE 2018 PREDICTION are over already now get ready for live show. The link will be updated below. Thank You for visiting Jio Torrent.

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