WWE Monday Night RAW 26 Feb 2018

WWE Monday Night RAW 26 Feb 2018
WWE Monday Night RAW 26 Feb 2018

WWE Monday Night RAW 26 Feb 2018

Welcome to WWE Monday Night RAW 26 Feb 2018 and We are live after Elimination Chamber 2018.

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The Show begins with Elimination highlights of Men Elimination Match. It features Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns. In the end Roman Reigns win he match with a sphere. Today on RAW Roman will talk Face to Face to Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

After this WWE show the second most trending thing of Elimination Chamber which is Ronda Rousey. Ronda Rousey sign the contract with WWE on WWE Pay Per View event. During that she smash Triple H on table.


With these two highlights WWE begin RAW. In the beginning WWE RAW Women Champion Alexa Bliss with Mickie James enter the ring. Last night on Elimination Chamber Alexa Bliss Successfully defend her title.

She comes in ring to show off her victory and to tell WWE Universe how best she is. When she talks about Wrestle Mania to interrupt her talk 2018 Women Royal Rumble Winner Asuka come in ring. Before Asuka say anything, Alexa keep her engage for a while. Meanwhile Alexa friend Nia Jax come in ring. When Asuka realize she is in trap she fights back but unfortunately Nia got her.

To rescue her Bayley and Sasha Banks comes in but against Nia Jax they remain weak. After this WWE programme 6 women tag team match between them. Sasha Banks open the match first. Meanwhile Sasha Banks try to tag in Bayley but Bayley reject to help her after surviving some attack she tags in Asuka which lead them to a victory. Bayley did help to Asuka when Alexa try to interfere.


After this match John Cena shown in RAW Talk. John Cena talks about his match and his loss in Elimination Chamber. He looks very disappoint at that time. For this WWE show a promo of John Cena saying No Road to Wrestle Mania with a question mark.

John Cena is live on RAW to talk to WWE Universe. He talks to WWE Universe and accept his failure in last night Elimination Chamber. For his place in Wrestle Mania in the beginning he talks about to challenge Undertaker. This makes the entire crowd yells for Cena. But unfortunately, the match is impossible today.  John Cena is now about to join Smackdown Live to get an opportunity in Wrestle Mania.


The Miz comes in ring and talk about his match at Elimination Chamber. In the entire communication he keeps showing his selfishness. He keeps talking about how WWE Staff cheat him. He said Seth Rollins and Finn Balor were the most undeserving wrestler with whom Miz forced to wrestle with. Because of this he loses his match at Elimination Chamber

Since he has Intercontinental Championship he goes and meet Kurt Angle after the Elimination Chamber. As of now he is loose to his opportunity to wrestle mania he visits Kurt to ask what is the role of Intercontinental Champion in Wrestle Mania.

Kurt Angle said that tonight opponent might challenge you for intercontinental Championship in Wrestle Mania. Miz calls out the opponent and he is non-other than Seth Rollins. Wrestling between two of them start as soon as Seth show himself.

After loosing to Seth Rollins Miz had to face Finn Balor too. When he rejects to do that he gets a warning from Kurt Angle that he will not be in Wrestle Mania. He faces Finn Balor too for the spot in Wrestle Mania and loose that match too.

The Bar Def Titus Worldwide

The Bar Sheamus and Cesaro are in ring for their match against Titus Worldwide. This is a official Tag Team Championship match. With a perfect strategy The Bar defeated Titus Worldwide within   seconds. The match is 2 out 3 Falls. The match continues and for the second time they pin Titus Worldwide.

Monster Walk With Elias

Two weeks ago, Monster Braun Strowman break guitar on Elias. Now Its Elias Vs Braun Strowman a moment later. Elias is in ring and ask question that who wants to walk with Elias. Again, he says WWE Stands for Walk With Elias. He also says Braun criticize him because he wants to be him. Telling everyone to shut up he start singing. To interrupt him Monster step in.

The match between them continues and Elias keep experiencing the power of Monster. During match Elias think to quit match for two times. When he fails to do so he finds a fire extinguisher and use it on the face of monster. Braun get unable to see because of this incident. But he still keeps attacking Elias. When he try to put him on commentary table Elias escape from Braun hands and run away in backstage. Braun try to catch him but he fails to do so.


Its Time to play the game with commissioner Stephanie McMahon and CEO Triple H. Both of them are on RAW for Ronda Rousey. Stephanie start conversation talking about last night event. Stephanie blamed Kurt Angle for last night fault. Again, WWE show the last event highlights about Rowdy Ronda Rousey.

After this Stephanie ask Kurt Angle to come out and apologies for his act last night. Instead of Kurt Angle Ronda Rousey come out to attack both Stephanie and Triple H. Kurt Angle come out after Ronda and stop her. Kurt angle say he lie to Ronda Rousey last night and that cool down Ronda. But for the slap Ronda ask Stephanie to apologies or else she will not hesitate to rip her arm from her socket. Stephanie act like apologies to Ronda on the other hand Triple H attack Kurt Angle and get him down. With this WWE end WWE Monday Night RAW 26 Feb 2018.

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