Only few hours to go for WWE RAW 26 Feb 2018 PREDICTION episode. This is the next episode (WWE RAW 26 Feb 2018 PREDICTION) after WWE Pay Per View Event Elimination Chamber 2018. We hope you enjoy the show and if you miss the highlights then read it below.

WWE Elimination Chambers 25 Feb 2018 Results

WWE Elimination Chambers 25 Feb 2018 Results
WWE Elimination Chambers 25 Feb 2018 Results

Welcome to JioTorrent Wrestling Entertainment Section. This is Pay Per View WWE Elimination Chambers 25 Feb 2018 Results.

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We are live at Las Vegas and it’s all about Elimination Chamber 2018. WWE Chamber begins its Pay Per View show with First Ever Women’s Elimination Chamber match. Before they begin WWE show a wonderful segment promo.

Goddess Alexa Bliss Wins Elimination Chamber.

After all this RAW champion Goddess is in ring and the first to enter elimination chamber. Today Alexa complete 181 days as a champion. Following Alexa Sasha Banks is in ring. The third one is Mickie James to get in chamber. Following her team absolution Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville enter. And the last one is Bayley to enter and get her chamber.

All doors are lock and Bayley vs Sonya Deville match start to win Elimination Chamber. The match continues and the countdown for elimination chamber begins. As soon as the countdown release Mandy Rose Bayley attack both of them as she understands it will be difficult to survive against absolution.  At a moment when absolution get to know that Bayley is not quitting they start bullying her. But this don’t work for long when Sasha Banks enter ring by countdown.

Sasha remain strong on both absolution. Mandy Rose becomes target for the boss but due to Sonya she survives from Sasha. When Sash start getting troubles from Sonya Deville Bayley gets in. Mandy Rose try to stop them but Sasha get her for tap out. Mandy Rose is first one to get eliminate from WWE Chamber.

WWE Elimination Chambers 25 Feb 2018 Results

Once Mandy Rose get out Mickie James get in ring by countdown. Mickie James stay strong on all three. By strategy Mickie successfully climbs on chamber top and jump from their to straight on Sonya Deville which perfectly get Sonya eliminate.

Mickie James also eliminate by Sasha Banks and Bayley. As soon as that happen countdown begins to release Alexa Bliss from her chamber. Alexa Bliss try to escape form ring but she fails to do so. Before they get to Alexa a new segment begins in ring between Sasha Banks and Bayley.at the end Boss eliminates Bayley and end the fight.

Now its Goddess vs Legit Boss.  At the end its Alexa bliss who not only win the first ever women’s elimination chamber but also to go wrestle mania.

The Bar Def Titus Worldwide.

After match in backstage Kurt Angle is shown entering Ronda Rousey room holding a contract. Following him Braun Strowman give a video massage to WWE Universe saying he will be the last man to stand in tonight WWE Elimination Chamber.

After this its WWE RAW Tag Team Champion match between The Bar vs Titus Worldwide. The match continues and with great Team work The Bar Sheamus and Cesaro defend their titles.

It’s time for Royal Rumble 2018 winner Asuka vs Nia Jax. If Nia Jax win the championship match at wrestle mania will become triple threat match. The match begins and continue to its way. Alexa Bliss watch the match from backstage on TV. In the end of the match Asuka remain undefeated at WWE when she defeats Nia Jax.

Ronda Rousey on Elimination Chamber

Monday Night RAW General Manager Kurt Angle is in ring. Following him Commissioner and CEO Stephanie McMahon and Triple H enter ring. Triple H ask the entire WWE Universe the new WWE Superstar who is UFC Champion Ronda Rousey. Ronda Rousey enter the ring and everything was going well until Kurt Angle said something stupid. Just like Jason Jordan Kurt Angle ruin the entire show. Due to this Triple H get attack by Ronda Rousey by getting smash on contract table. Watching this Stephanie McMahon slap Ronda Rousey but scare by her and get out of ring. Ronda Rousey sign the contract and leave the ring.

Men Elimination Chamber

The announcer clear Men’s rules for the match. The men chamber begins with who want to walk with Elias. When he mentions monster in his song the monster Braun Strowman enter the ring. Elias get in his chamber and lock himself with the help of WWE staff.

John Cena enter is the next to enter the ring. After John Cena its big dog of the shield enter the ring believe that. Now its time for Intercontinental Champion Miz who will begin the elimination first. To face awesome Miz Seth Rollins is in the ring. In the last Gauntlet match Rollins last for more than 50 minutes defeating both Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Following Rollins Finn Balor get in ring too.

The match begins with Seth Rollins Finn Balor and Miz. In the five minutes of match no one eliminate anyone. After five minutes John Cena Join the gang to eliminate each and everyone in ring. Even in the second time no one gets eliminate and the one who get out of chamber is big dog roman reigns. Even the big dog not eliminate anyone so monster is in ring now. And finally the elimination start.We have our first elimination which is awesome by Braun Strowman. After this five minutes drain already.

WWE Elimination Chambers 25 Feb 2018 Results

After this Monster becomes the target of everyone. Even all wrestler together not get able to eliminate monster but they avoid him for a while. Meanwhile Elias take advantage and try to eliminate everyone but no one give up.

During this Monster get back in and eliminate Elias. Two down five to go. John Cena becomes the third target to get eliminate by Braun Strowman. Fourth is Finn Balor to get eliminate.

Now its The Shield Brothers vs Monster. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins team up together to eliminate Monster. Soon they fight each other and this is all before they eliminate the monster.

Seth Rollins get eliminate by Braun Strowman. At the end with a sphere Roman Reigns win the men’s Elimination Chamber. Now Big Dog will face Beast at Wrestle mania.

We hope you enjoy the show and our article WWE Elimination Chambers 25 Feb 2018 Results. Thank you for reading WWE Elimination Chambers 25 Feb 2018 Results at JioTorrent.


But what about WWE RAW 26 Feb 2018 PREDICTION. Till now it is reveal that Brock Lesnar is all set to give a visit to this Monday Night RAW. We hope the winners do not get interfere by their opponents. Lets wait for some time and see what happen at WWE RAW 26 Feb 2018 PREDICTION.

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