WWE Smackdown 20 Feb 2018 Results

WWE Smackdown 20 Feb 2018 Results

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We are live in Phoenix AZ. Smackdown live begins with announcer Renee Young. Renee Young Announce Phenomenal WWE Champion AJ Styles and he show up.

WWE Universe welcome him to Smackdown with cheers. Renee ask AJ Styles some questions related to Fatal 5 way which will be live on 11 March 2018 on Fastlane.

Phenomenal Segment

AJ styles answer the question one by one. He talks about each wrestler who is going to face him at Fastlane.

Baron Corbin show up just before AJ Styles say anything about him. Baron say that is AJ sure he can beat him. According to Baron he has beaten AJ long before this. And now on Fastlane defeating AJ Styles with other 3 wrestler he will be the new WWE Champion.

Following Baron Kevin Owens come in ring and say against Baron and AJ Styles. Three of them continue arguing each other. When Kevin talks about WWE authorities and blame them they have been unfair with him Shane McMahon enter with his theme song Here Comes the Money.

Kevin Owens Def Dolph Ziggler

Shane say to Kevin if WWE been unfair with your and you want your rematch then it will be fair now because your rematch starts right now with this man. For a moment a silent comes and with that silence Dolph Ziggler enter the ring. As he enters he theme song beats up. Kevin try to oppose the decision but he fail to do so and now he will face Dolph Ziggler.

The match between both challenger begin after that. Both remain strong on each other and give their best. At a moment to help best friend Sami Zayn comes in ring and show like he is getting in match to Dolph Ziggler. It was a strategy to lose Dolph concentration from match. As this happens a straight kick from left side on the face of Dolph help Kevin pin and win the match.

After this Sami walk back silently. Kevin Owens show off WWE Universe. After this in backstage Jinder Mahal is next to be in ring.

Maharaja and Glorious Segment

Jinder Mahal with Sunil Singh talk to WWE Universe about Smackdown Live top 10 list. He also introduces his own Top 10 list. On this Glorious Bobby Roode reply that you can’t make any top 10 list. Bobby also mention he can’t beat him in a fair match. On this WWE universe chants for You can’t win. Jinder Mahal keep talking about Randy Orton and at end he gets frustrated and shout forget about Randy Orton this is about you and me. For a while everyone thinks a match will be live between Bobby and Jinder but before that Viper Randy Orton appear.

Randy do say nothing and start attacking both Jinder and Bobby. Bobby stop randy with his glorious move. After this again he celebrates quick and get a Khallas from Jinder Mahal.

Six Women Tag Team Match

After this the Six women tag team match start. First WWE Smackdown Women Champion Charlotte Flair comes after her Becky Lynch and Naomi enter ring. Following them their opponent Riott Squad enter the ring.

The match begins and the champion enter the ring first. Riott Squad keep running out of ring and also keep getting the partner which is close to get pin. It was their strategy which works as expected and at end Riott Squad win the match.

Unwanted Side of Smackdown

After this match in backstage we see Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn talk and making strategy for the next events. Kevin seem worried where Sami Zayn make him understand the power of one. If we stay together there is no more powerful wrestler Shane McMahon bring for us. Looks like Kevin understand it hardly.

Up next is The New Day with pancakes. They enter ring by sharing Pancakes to everyone. After them Benjamin and Gable enter the ring. The match continues and at end New day win the match. After winning when The New Day was going backstage when all lights out and Bludgeon Brothers enter ring for their match. Within a minute they win the match and show move on.

Main Event AJ Styles Def Corbin.

Phenomenal is back for the second time tonight for his match against Corbin. Following him Baron Corbin is in ring. The match goes on for some minutes but at the end AJ win the match. After match Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn enter ring and attack AJ Styles. Meanwhile Baron Corbin knockout Sami Zayn and then Kevin Owens.

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