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We are live on Monday Night Raw at Phoenix AZ. The show begins with The Big Dog Roman Reigns. During that WWE show how both Seth Rollins and Finn Balor win the last tournament of Elimination Chamber. Regarding to this Kurt Angle agree that both Balor and Rollins win the match on Facebook. Because of this for the first time there will be seven men inside the Elimination Chamber.

The Big Dog Eliminate

Roman Reigns answer questions related to Elimination Chamber. He said he will be the one who will face Brock Lesnar at wrestle mania. According to Roman no one carry capabilities to defeat Brock Lesnar.
Meanwhile his brother from another mother enter the ring. Yep Seth Rollins is in the ring to compete Roman Reigns tonight. Without saying any great dialogue Seth Rollins begin his match.

People Champ Give Up

The match continues with tag #GauntletMatch.The match runs for almost 20 minutes and at the end Rollins win the match. Roman was about to shake hand with Rollins when John Cena music starts and he enter the ring. As soon as he enters the ring he get hit by Seth Rollins. Seth try to pin John Cena but unfortunately, he fails and the match continue.

Eliminate With Elias

The match continues a long way and with 58 Minutes of surviving Seth Rollins Eliminate John Cena. Following Cena Elias enter the ring and try to eliminate Rollins as soon as possible.

Elias eliminate Seth Rollins in just five minutes after his entrance. Definitely Seth Rollins give his best and survive for almost 63 minutes which is very impressive. After Seth Finn Balor is next to survive. Balor enter the ring and the elimination match begins.

Finn Eliminate Awesomely

We all were knew Elias is incapable against Finn Balor. But still he took a little more time to get eliminate. As soon as Elias got eliminate Awesome Miz enter from back in ring and attack Finn Balor to eliminate him as quick as possible.

Miz team partner keep interfere in the match and at the end Miz play his strategy and eliminate Finn Balor. But soon he realize he made a big mistake as the next is monster Braun Strowman. Miz try his best to run out of the ring but Braun runs after him and get him back in ring.

Monster Stands Tall and Win Mini Elimination Chamber.

In the beginning it seems that Miz is in trouble but Miz made a strategy fro Braun Strowman too. As soon as Braun understand that he f[prefer to not play with Miz and stay in ring. On this conclusion Braun eliminate Miz and stands tall and win RAW Gauntlet Match. After his victory he give a short interview. In the interview Braun state as this in Elimination Chamber he will stand tall and win the match. His next target is Brock Lesnar. After this again he enter ring to attack Miz. Miz runs away as he understand Braun intention. Braun attack Miz partners and then go after Miz and bring him back in ring.

First he complete his arrogance and again after that on WWE universe demand another attack Miz had to face from Braun. With this WWE RAW Gauntlet Match end.

WWE Stories

After this WWE Women Royal Rumble 2018 winner enter the ring. In ring interview Asuka state that she is waiting for her match at Wrestle Mania. After that Nia Jax attack Asuka from nowhere. We go for commercial where WWE show a promo about Ronda Rousey. and at the end of promo WWE show a contract signing.

Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crew Def The Bar

Back from break RAW Tag Team Champions The Bar Sheamus and Cesaro enter ring. Following them Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crew with Dana Brooke enter the ring. The match continue and with perfect strategy Apollo Crew and Titus O’Neil win the match. Because it was not an official tag team championship match The Bar is still champion.

RAW Six Women Tag Team Match

First the boss Sasha Banks enter the ring. Following her Mickie James and Bayley enter the ring. After them Team Absolution enter ring. And at the end with lot of attitude and her title Raw Women Champion Alexa Bliss enter the ring.

At the end Sasha Banks make Alexa Bliss tap out and win the match. After this as always Absolution attack the winner. Alexa and Mickie James successfully get out of that war. An with this WWE wrapped up RAW.

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