Welcome to JioTorrent Wrestling Entertainment Section. Well both RAW and Smackdown Feb Second Week is over. And now its time for critics who did best and who did worst in WWE RAW VS SMACKDOWN 15 Feb 2018 .

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On search engine about 862 M results found for RAW where for Smackdown its 692 M. Almost 200 M more results found for RAW. Raw is very popular because of the celebrities in it. But whenever it come about ratings or entertainment the marks keep changing. Sometimes RAW wins and sometimes Smackdown.

Here are the Highlights of recent Smackdown and RAW of WWE RAW VS SMACKDOWN 15 Feb 2018.

Returns of Dolph Ziggler (SDLive)

Dolph Ziggler return to WWE and talk to WWE universe this Smackdown. This is the first time after he left his United States Championship before Royal Rumble 2018. Leaving such valuable title were created lot of questions. Is Dolph Ziggler leaving WWE? Is WWE releasing Dolph Ziggler?

Such like this a lot of post gets too many attention all sudden. For this WWE had to make a tournament for USTitle. At the end it gets in the proper hand which is Glorious Bobby Roode.

After that event we never see Dolph Ziggler on both RAW and Smackdown. But all of sudden we see Dolph Ziggler in Royal Rumble 2018 in 30 and the last spot. Unfortunately he did not win the show but his presence in Royal Rumble made rise to lot of new questions.

Now Dolph Ziggler is in Fastlane 2018 in Fatal5Way for the WWE Championship. Till now whatever happen can be the story line of WWE or else due to some personal issue this thing happen. We hope Dolph Ziggler will be in WWE and the thing like this will not happen again.

Miz is First to enter Elimination Chamber (RAW)

Miz is currently WWE Intercontinental Champion and also in race with other in Elimination Chamber. This thing I dont understand about Miz. He is already a WWE Champion then why he is messing with other which will lead to Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. We all know how cruel is our Universal Champion when it comes about title match.

Brock Lesnar becomes Universal Champion by defeating Goldberg in Fastlane 2017. Now the second Fastlane is upcoming and still Brock is holding Universal Championship. It is a very impressive thing that holding Universal Championship for almost a Year.

John Cena challenge Miz this RAW for a match saying the looser will enter WWE Chamber first. Miz try to do cheating but he fail to do so. He also loose his match against John Cena. Now Miz will be the first wrestler to enter Elimination Chamber.

We hope Braun is not the second one to enter Elimination Chamber or else Miz will be the first to get out of the race to Wrestlemania.

Friends Reunion or Enemy Reunion. (SDLive)

On this night Smackdown Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn already fix for the match against Phenomenal AJ Styles. The match was Triple Threat Match between AJ Styles Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. But due to return of Dolph Ziggler and the interfere of Balor Corbin the match change its schedule.

WWE fix matches for this which optimize by Shane McMahon when he talk with General Manager Daniel Bryan. He warn Daniel saying if Kevin Owen or Sami Zayn try to do any kind of cheating they will loose there place in Fastlane match.

The match fix between Kevin Owens vs Balor Corbin and Sami Zayn Vs Dolph Ziggler. If both Dolph and Balor loose they will be out of Fastlane but if they win they will be in Fastlane. BothBalor and Dolph win the match and now they are in the match with Kevin and Sami in Fatal5way to def AJ Styles.

But still the mystery continues as there will be only one WWE Champion. So what will happen when Sami Zayn and Kevin Owen will face each other. We hope the best one win the match but in my opinion it is very unfair for AJ Styles. As it is too difficult to defend against four wrestlers at the same time in PPV.

Seth Rollins and Finn Balor Both Win The Final Showdown For WWE Chamber (RAW)

On this RAW Kurt Angle already fix he match of Final Showdown between the wrestlers who loose the match in Elimination Chamber Tournament.

Seth Rollins get to Kurt Angle and ask him for one oppertunity to proove himself. As because of Jason Jordan he had too many troubles. Seth loose his Tag Title his knee injure and all of this happen because of Jason. Due to this Kurt Angle had to make some changes in the main event match. Before that he take a poll with WWE Universe and when everyone support Seth Rollins he give Seth entry in the last Elimination Chamber.

The only thing goes wrong was there were two winners in the match. Both Seth Rollins and Finn Balor win the match and then argue each other.

But WWE declare both of them the winner and give them entry in WWE Chamber match. Now it is Seven Men Elimination Chamber Match. The winner will face Brock Lesnar in Wrestlemania.

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