Seth Rollins Finn Balor Enter WWE Chamber

Seth Rollins Finn Balor Enter WWE Chamber

Welcome to JioTorrent Wrestling Entertainment Section. Well both RAW and Smackdown Feb Second Week is over. Seth Rollins Finn Balor Enter WWE Chamber by winning the Final Showdown on RAW. For more read the story.

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On this RAW Kurt Angle already fix he match of Final Showdown between the wrestlers who loose the match in Elimination Chamber Tournament.

Seth Rollins get to Kurt Angle and ask him for one oppertunity to proove himself. As because of Jason Jordan he had too many troubles. Seth loose his Tag Title his knee injure and all of this happen because of Jason. Due to this Kurt Angle had to make some changes in the main event match. Before that he take a poll with WWE Universe and when everyone support Seth Rollins he give Seth entry in the last Elimination Chamber.

The only thing goes wrong was there were two winners in the match. Both Seth Rollins and Finn Balor win the match and then argue each other.

But WWE declare both of them the winner and give them entry in WWE Chamber match. Now it is Seven Men Elimination Chamber Match. The winner will face Brock Lesnar in Wrestlemania.

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