WWE NEWS : Miz First Enter Elimination Chamber 2018

Miz First Enter Elimination Chamber 2018

Welcome to JioTorrent Wrestling Entertainment Section. Well both RAW and Smackdown Feb Second Week is over. And now its time for critics. John Cena challenge Miz for a match in which the looser will enter Elimination Chamber first. Miz loose his match and now Miz First Enter Elimination Chamber 2018.

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Miz is currently WWE Intercontinental Champion and also in race with other in Elimination Chamber. This thing I dont understand about Miz. He is already a WWE Champion then why he is messing with other which will lead to Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. We all know how cruel is our Universal Champion when it comes about title match.

Brock Lesnar becomes Universal Champion by defeating Goldberg in Fastlane 2017. Now the second Fastlane is upcoming and still Brock is holding Universal Championship. It is a very impressive thing that holding Universal Championship for almost a Year.

John Cena challenge Miz this RAW for a match saying the looser will enter WWE Chamber first. Miz try to do cheating but he fail to do so. He also loose his match against John Cena. Now Miz will be the first wrestler to enter Elimination Chamber.

We hope Braun is not the second one to enter Elimination Chamber or else Miz will be the first to get out of the race to Wrestlemania.

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