WWE NEWS : Doplh Ziggler Returns WWE Feb 2018

Doplh Ziggler Returns WWE

Welcome to JioTorrent Wrestling Entertainment Section. Well both RAW and Smackdown Feb Second Week is over. In this article We will talk about the recent updated from WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler. Doplh Ziggler Returns WWE this Smackdown and now in WWE Fastlane 2018. For what reason read the story.

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Dolph Ziggler returns WWE and talk to WWE universe this Smackdown. This is the first time after he left his United States Championship before Royal Rumble 2018. Leaving such valuable title were created lot of questions. Is Dolph Ziggler leaving WWE? Is WWE releasing Dolph Ziggler?

Such like this a lot of post gets too many attention all sudden. For this WWE had to make a tournament for USTitle. At the end it gets in the proper hand which is Glorious Bobby Roode.

After that event we never see Dolph Ziggler on both RAW and Smackdown. But all of sudden we see Dolph Ziggler in Royal Rumble 2018 in 30 and the last spot. Unfortunately he did not win the show but his presence in Royal Rumble made rise to lot of new questions.

Now Dolph Ziggler is in Fastlane 2018 in Fatal5Way for the WWE Championship. Till now whatever happen can be the story line of WWE or else due to some personal issue this thing happen. We hope Dolph Ziggler will be in WWE and the thing like this will not happen again.

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