WWE RESULTS : WWE RAW 12 Feb 2018 Results

WWE RAW 12 Feb 2018 Results
WWE RAW 12 Feb 2018 Results

WWE RESULTS : WWE RAW 12 Feb 2018 Results

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We are live in San Jose, CA and the Monday Night Raw start with John Cena theme song

John Cena Vs Miz Segment

John Cena begin the show. He keeps saying loud and clear thing about wrestle mania. At the end point he promise WWE universe he will make history and face Brock Lesnar in Wrestle mania. To interrupt this Awesome Miz enter ring and say this is 2018. And Year 2018 is Miz year not your John Cena.

When John Cena ask do you have enough physical strength Miz reply I do not use physical strength I use my mind my brain. That is why I beat Roman Reigns and become Intercontinental Champion. Miz also say that he does almost everything to win the show which you never do.

John Cena make a deal wit Miz. John Cena said you will face Brock Lesnar if you win Elimination Chamber. But what if you get eliminated. So why we wait to see you get eliminate or not when we can have a fight right here right now.

John Cena challenge Miz for a match and the looser of the match will enter elimination chamber first. WWE Universe chants YES for John Cena challenge. Miz at first show he decline the challenge. Saying Do You think I am stupid. The wrestler who enter first in elimination chamber have the lowest percentage of winning. After this Miz teammates attack John Cena. When they bring Cena down Miz accept the challenge and call referee to pin.

John Cena Def Miz

Kurt Angel comes in and restart the match with getting Miz partners out of ring. The match begins and Miz try to pin John Cena but he fails and the match continue to its destination.

When both wrestler goes on the top rope John Cena adjust awesome attitude and win the match. Now Miz will enter first in Elimination Chamber 2018.

Bayley Vs Sasha Banks.

Sasha Banks Vs Bayley Match promo appear for the tonight match. After some events later, Kurt Angle comes in RAW Ring and talks about his son Jason. He informs WWE Universe he is unfit to wrestle right now so he will not be in ring for few days.

Seth Rollins is in Elimination Chamber Race

Freak in Rollins comes in with his broken knees. He first says sorry to Kurt for Jason. He explains how he becomes top wrestler in year 2017. But now he is nobody. He loses his title his contract all because of Jason Jordan. And he demands all he loose back from Kurt Angle. For this Kurt Angle give him an opportunity to get in Elimination Chamber. By putting him in the Fatal 4-way match now Rollins will face other 4 contenders to get in Chamber.

Bayley Def Sasha Banks

The legit boss is in ring for her match against Bayley. Meanwhile WWE Show Seth Rollins in Fatal 5-way match for the final opportunity to be in Elimination Chamber 2018. After this Bayley is in ring and as the bell ring match starts with #SashavsBayley. At the end of match Bayley wins the match by pinning Sasha Banks. After match both bestie look at each other meanwhile Nia Jax gets in and attack both Boss and Bayley.

WWE RAW 12 Feb 2018 Results WWE Promos

After this promo time for WWE comes. First, they show who will be the sixth man to enter Elimination Chamber. After this Asuka vs Nia Jax promo comes in which if Nia wins the championship match will become triple threat match.

WWE RAW 12 Feb 2018 Results WWE Backstage Stories

In backstage we see Seth Rollins with his buddy The Big Dog Roman Reigns. While they were talking about Elimination Chamber the Bar Sheamus and Cesaro comes and bother them. When Big Dog start talking both Sheamus and Cesaro shut up and get away from them. While they were going Seth Rollins insult them by saying nice skirt fella.

In other hand Alexa Bliss say hello to Mickie James who will be her partner for tonight match against Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Mickie ask Alexa why you save me last night. In reply Alexa say she do respect her and consider her as an idol. She says Mickie James been 6 times Women Champion as well as she is a mother too. Mickie still do not trust Alexa but for tonight she is her partner.

Team Absolution Def Alexa Bliss and Mickie James

Absolution comes in ring and following them Mickie James and Alexa Bliss also step up in ring for their match tonight. The match begins with Mickie James vs Mandy Rose in ring. Mickie then tag Alexa in ring. In the end by distracting Alexa Bliss Mandy Rose pins Mickie James. When Absolution about to power bomb to Mickie James Alexa Bliss interfere and make Absolution run away from ring.

Braun Strowman and Elias Segment

Elias shown in backstage coming towards the ring. As he always does he begins with Who wants to walk with Elias. On first attempt Elias interrupted by WWE Universe. He argues and try a second time. He sings what happen last night in the Triple Threat Match.

During his song announcement announce Braun Strowman name. And with that Spotlight show Braun Strowman with a giant guitar. He sings that he is not finish with you and after this song you gonna get these hands. With this WWE Universe chants for Get These Hands. After this all lights up and Braun come in ring Elias try to get him but he fail and become a victim of Strowman Power bomb.

After this Elias try to run away to backstage but on WWE universe demand Braun attack Elias with his giant guitar.

Roman Reigns Def Sheamus with Cesaro

The Bar Sheamus and Cesaro is in ring following them Roman Reigns in ring. It is a match between Roman Reigns and Sheamus. The match keeps going on and at the end with a sphere Roman wins the match.

Up next match is fatal 5 way for the Elimination Chamber spot.

Bray Wyatt is the first to enter ring. Following him Matt Hardy is in ring with DELETE Theme Song. Apollo Crew is the next to enter in ring. Seth Rollins enter after him. And at last Finn Balor is in the ring.

Nobody know exactly who win the match as WWE show no replay and even I also missed it because of my dog. Comment below who do you think is the winner of the match.

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