Will Jordan Continue Making Troubles Seth Rollins

Will Jordan Continue Making Trouble Seth Rollins

Welcome to JioTorrent Wrestling Entertainment Section. Only few hours are remaining for the Monday Night Raw 12 Feb 2018 Episode. This article is about Will Jordan Continue Making TroubleĀ  Seth Rollins.

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Since Seth Rollins been partner with Jason Jordan every show he face trouble from Jason Jordan. Because of Jason Seth Rollins loose his titles. In last Monday Night RAW when Jason unfit to wrestle Seth Rollins make Roman his tag team partner. When everything going as it should Jason interfere. Of course he come to help Roman and Seth but during that he attack The Bar Sheamus and Cesaro. This happen when Sheamus and Cesaro try to run away from the ring. Due to this referee DQ Roman and Seth Rollins.

After this Seth Rollins did abuse Jason by words. Kurt Angle also tells him to go home and stay home until you get fit for wrestling. Jason Follow his father order. We hope that this will not happen this RAW.

Other Highlights

#1 Triple Threat RAW Elimination For Last Elimination Entry

To enter last in Elimination Chamber a Triple Threat Match between John Cena Elias and Braun Strowman happen. In the end Elias win the match when Braun attack Cena and that affect Braun also. But as every other wrestler Braun do not like this and in return he also attack Elias for the three time with his signature move.

In result to this it is possible that Braun or John Cena give a statement or else they will ask for a rematch. In other hand Elias will definitely celebrate his victory on RAW 12 Feb 2018 Episode.

#2 Alexa Bliss Statement against Brock Lesnar

The second highlight is Alexa Bliss words against Brock Lesnar. When Kurt Angle fix a match for Alexa Bliss in the upcoming first Women Elimination Chamber to defend title. Alexa Bliss interfere and use feminism language to avoid the match and to keep the title. In return Kurt explain Alexa that Brock Lesnar do defend his title in the PPV. For this Alexa also have to defend her title in Elimination Chamber as per the contract.

There are many rumors saying Brock Lesnar is coming this RAW. We hope we will see our Universal Champion after Royal Rumble 2018. The winner of Elimination Chamber will face Universal Champion. It is possible regarding to this Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar will come to give a massage to his competitors.

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