WWE SDLIVE : Smackdown 06 Feb 2018 Results

Smackdown 06 Feb 2018 Results
Smackdown 06 Feb 2018 Results

Smackdown 06 Feb 2018 Results

Smackdown 06 Feb 2018 Results
Smackdown 06 Feb 2018 Results

Welcome to JioTorrent Wrestling Entertainment Section. This is Smackdown 06 Feb 2018 Results.

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Charlotte Flair Def Riott Squad

Back from break Charlotte Flair Vs Riott Squad match continues. Due to interference in match referee make his decision and get out the other member of Riott squad. This gives a complete hold to Charlotte on the match. In the end by locking up and making her opponent to tap out.

After this WWE show tonight main event match which is Sami Zayn Vs Kevin Owens. The winner will face WWE Champion AJ Styles. For this Renee Young in backstage ask Kevin Owens will the friendship come in between fight. Kevin arrogantly answer Sami Zayn is a looser in front of me. He will never be able to defeat me.

In ring side the Bludgeon Brothers are in ring for the new comer’s wrestlers. They win the match within a minute as new wrestler are just too skinny. I don’t understand how WWE let them start their WWE career in front of such giants.

Meanwhile WWE Smackdown Tag Champion USOS come in ring. But they are not for Bludgeon Brothers they are for their announcement on Smackdown Live.

Top 10 WWE Superstars of Smackdown Live.

After this chutiyapa Daniel Bryan announce the top 10 WWE Smackdown superstars. In the top 10 AJ Styles hold the first position and Charlotte Flair achieve second. Shinsuke Nakamura is at third spot.

The top three are champions which includes Tag Team Champions of Smackdown The USOS at no seven.

WWE US Champion Bobby Roode Def Rusey

Back from break Aiden English sings a song title RUSEY DAY. After the stupid song Rusey enters the ring. On his entrance 30 % crowd chants Rusey Day. Bobby Roode is his opponent tonight who come after Rusey in ring. He is currently WWE United States Champion.

Rusey stay strong in entire match to snatch the title from Roode. But Glorious stay calm and keep himself prepared for the victory opportunity. As that opportunity came Bobby use it perfectly and win the match. With this Bobby Roode is still the WWE United States Champion. After match from nowhere Randy Orton comes in ring and gives RKO to Bobby Roode. Following Bobby, the RKO forwarded to Aiden English as well as to Rusey. With this Randy Orton comes in spotlight with his I hear voices theme.

Main Event

In backstage Sami Zayn answer some question to Renee Young. His answer make it clear that he is all prepare to fight against Kevin Owens. With this Sami Enters the ring and now waiting for Kevin Owens.

In commentary Phenomenal AJ Styles talk about the match with commentaries and share his opinions.

The match keeps going on. At the end Sami Zayn argue with AJ Styles and make him interrupt the match. Due to this the match did not finish as it gets cancel by the referee.

Daniel Bryan General Manager of Smackdown comes in ring and say there will be a triple threat match between Sami Zayn Kevin Owens and AJ Styles in Fastlane 2018.

With this the show wrap up. We hope you like our article Smackdown 06 Feb 2018 Results. Thank You For reading Smackdown 06 Feb 2018 Results at JioTorrent.


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