WWE RAW : WWE Raw 6 Feb 2018 Results

WWE Raw 6 Feb 2018 Results

WWE Raw 6 Feb 2018 Results
WWE Raw 6 Feb 2018 Results

Welcome to JioTorrent Wrestling Entertainment Section. This is WWE Raw 6 Feb 2018 Results.

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The match gets interfere by Matt Hardy when he attacks Bray Wyatt. In the Backstage Jason Jordan encounter Seth Rollins. Together they made themselves ready to get back their WWE Tag Titles from Sheamus and Cesaro.

Triple Threat RAW Elimination

After this WWE show a triple threat match promo featuring Cena VS Strowman and Elias. The Winner will enter the Elimination Chamber last which is a kind of beneficial to win match at Pay Per View. After this we hit commercial.

After this a match of Finn Balor with tag team partner happen in which Finn Balor wins the match.

WWE Show a promo in which Title say Kurt Angle will reveal competitors for the first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber. In Backstage we see Boss watching her last match with Asuka in which Asuka made boss tap out and win the match. Sasha Banks seem disappointed because of this. Meanwhile Bayley interfere and talk with Banks. When Bayley says she will beat Asuka Sasha questions as well as doubt on her statement.

Back from break Cruiserweight Championship Tag Team match between Alexander take place. In the end Cedric wins the match.

Meanwhile in backstage RAW Goddess Alexa Bliss and Kurt Angle shown talking each other and the event is just up next.

Feminism Of WWE

With YOU SUCK Chants RAW General Manager enters the ring. Kurt announces the name of the women who will be in the first time in Women Elimination Chamber.

After the announcement RAW Women Champion Alexa Bliss comes in and say why are you not equal in women’s decision. When Kurt ask an explanation, Alexa Says he do treat well more to Brock Lesnar as compare to her. According to Alexa this is just because Alexa is a woman. Kurt in reply say Brock defend his title in Royal Rumble successfully.

And if Alexa wants the same equality she can defend her title in Elimination Chamber. For this Kurt ask WWE universe that should WWE make a match of Alexa defending her tile in Elimination Chamber. And around 95% chants for YES. Alexa decline this and get out of the ring.

After this Women’s Royal Rumble Winner Asuka enters the ring. Following her Bayley her tonight competitor enters in ring. Both stands tall and remain strong till the commercial. Back from break Bayley counter attack pass and she attempt her pin which fail. This make Asuka recover and she kept attacking Bayley for the pin which fails.

After a long match in the end Asuka make Bayley tap out just like she makes Boss to do so. After this Awesome Miz fill fight against Apollo Crew to qualify in Elimination Chamber.

Miz Qualifies for Elimination Chamber

Miz enter the ring with his Intercontinental Championship. Miz talks to WWE universe about his previous match with Roman Reigns and made fun of Roman. He keeps talking boring things till Apollo Crew arrive in ring. After this with Titus O’Neil and Dan Brooke Apollo Crew enters the ring.  The fight continues and at end Miz pin Apollo with his signature move.

Now Miz is qualified for the Elimination Chamber. In backstage Seth Rollins get shock when Jason inform his incapable to fight for tonight. But Roman Reigns shows up and the place for Jason exchange with him.

Jason Jordan DQ Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

The Bar and RAW Tag champions enter the ring. Following them Seth Rollins arrive in ring. And After him The Big Dog enters which literally shock Sheamus and Cesaro. The match start and Cesaro becomes the target and experience The Shield team work. During the match Roman and Seth made fun of The Bar by acting similar to Cesaro and Sheamus. Before break Sheamus attack Seth which help The Bar get hold on the match.

Back from break Roman becomes the target of The Bar meanwhile Jason Jordan comes in and get Seth Rollins in ring. During match WWE chants for Jason Jordan. Jason ty to distract and stop Cesaro and Sheamus from winning. When Cesaro and Sheamus realize that they are in trouble they get their titles and try to run away. Jason try to stop them and during that he attack Cesaro which make referee to disqualify Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

Braun Strowman Video Tweet WWE Raw 6 Feb 2018 Results

After this Braun Strowman in a Video tweet say he will be the last standing man as he was the last standing man in last night RAW. Before going for commercial break WWE Show Tomorrow’s Mixed Match Challenge video promo.

After break Seth Rollins take class of Jason Jordan for spoiling the match. Not only that but also he use abusive words to him in front of his father which was way too rude. Kurt manage to cool down Seth after that he order Jason to go home and stay home until he get well. Jason argue get him a shout and rude look from his father.

WWE RAW WOMENS WWE Raw 6 Feb 2018 Results

Nia Jax shown in ring with a new women wrestler. The match ends with in a minute as the new wrestler was too weak for Nia Jax. Or else she was no ready for her WWE career. After match she did talk to WWE universe. According to her Asuka have no power to defeat her in a one on one match.

After this match WWE Show how Elias use his guitar on John Cena to knock him down 2 weeks ago. Which will be answer by John Cena in the upcoming Triple Threat Match.

Sonya Deville is in ring with Paige and Mandy Rose as The Absolution. Following her Mickie James is in ring. And with the ring match between Mickie James and Sonya Deville starts. At end Mickie James win the match by pinning. When that happen her teammate together attack Mickie James. To save her WWE RAW Women Champion Alexa Bliss enters the ring and save Mickie James from The Absolution. Not only WWE Universe and commentaries but also Mickie James is in shock that why Alexa come to save her.

Triple Threat Match UP NEXT on WWE Raw 6 Feb 2018 Results

After this Elias shown doing something with his guitar and WWE announce that the Triple Theat Match is just up next.

Elias in ring keep boring the WWE Universe with his non-sense songs. John Cena do interfere in to stop the bullshit singing and to start Triple Threat Match. Following him Monster Braun Strowman comes in ring.

As the match begins Elias gets out of ring leaving John Cena Vs Braun Strowman. John Cena attacks Braun which counter by Braun and we go for a commercial break.

Back from break Strowman is standing tall with the opponents on ground.

When they realize Braun is too much both John Cena and Elias team up to get Braun on his knee. They hit his head two times on stage corners and one time on stage stairs. Cena attack Braun with stairs. After this Elias hit Braun with his guitar. Braun then get attitude adjustment.

After this the match continue with John Cena and Elias. Meanwhile John Cena gets powerslam by Braun Strowman. Taking this advantage Elias pin John Cena by throwing Braun out of ring.

This make Braun angrier on Elias. Elias gets three powerslam before the match over.

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